Solar panels - look at the question from the point of view of energy storage

When a passerby is asked about what associations the concept of "solar energy" evokes, then for some reason many people imagine themselves sunbathing on the beach under the scorching sunshine. But solar energy is a powerful “storehouse” of renewable energy, which, if used wisely, has the ability to give humankind clean, in terms of ecology, energy for many years.

Solar panels - their reliability and efficiency at the station

But not everything is so simple. Speaking in "consumer" language, solar panels have one, but rather serious disadvantage: the generation of electricity is extremely incompatible with the rhythm of the production process, if solar energy is used directly in industry.It is also difficult to use for the needs of individual consumers who consume electricity twenty-four hours a day. But after all, solar power plants can work effectively only during daylight hours, and in the morning and evening (and this is precisely the time of peak electricity consumption), the intensity of radiation decreases markedly. Therefore, here the question of the correct accumulation and conservation of energy comes to the fore - the most important task for the developers of photovoltaic power systems. And here correctly chosen batteries should play a significant role. What is a battery, each of us has learned for ourselves from a school physics course: this is an energy storage device for later use. Since we are dealing with solar energy systems, the energy process itself takes place due to the conversion of one type of energy into another: chemical into electrical energy, and they are discharged quite deeply every evening and are charged during daylight hours. Not all types of batteries are suitable for photovoltaic systems.And the most famous types used in this case are as follows:

  • AGM (hermetic);
  • fillers (OPzS series);
  • starter (automotive)
  • sealed gel;
  • traction.

Gel batteries, as an indispensable element of a solar power station

To create solar-based power plants most often use gel batteries manufactured by GEL technology. Their main feature is the resistance to sufficiently deep discharges and the excellent temperature independence of all, without exception, characteristics. And this is extremely important for the functioning of autonomous solar systems. Their main advantages compared with other species:

  • maximum recovery from a deep discharge state;
  • excellent long-term performance
  • there’s no need for an equalizing charge;
  • "thick" electrodes resist the corrosion of the lattice, thereby increasing the durability of the batteries themselves;
  • substantial resistance to discharge / charge cycles;
  • tightness of the structure, it can be installed in any position;
  • the longest service life compared to other species. On average, it can be 20-30% more.

So, if you want to assemble a solar battery yourself, the gel batteries will be a worthy and indispensable part of your design.

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