Solar power plant with own hands

Solar energy is already given not an innovation, but a reality that today is available to almost everyone. In this master class, I will show you how to make a fully autonomous garage power supply system. Although there is a stationary electric network in the garage, I decided to give it up because there were too many interruptions in its work ... Often there is no light for the debt.
Solar power plant with their own hands
One of the main advantages of a solar power plant is its complete autonomy and independence. Considering that I’m not in the garage for the whole day, then the power of my system is enough for all needs. I used a powerful solar battery with a power of 100W, so the battery can be charged even in cloudy weather. Of course, it would be enough for a 10 W solar panel, but I decided to take it with a reserve, in case you suddenly need to increase the power of the entire system.

What does the solar system provide?

  • - LED light in the garage.Given the current consumption of LED strips (no more than 2 A), the continuous glow time will be about 25 hours, which is twice as long as necessary, given the average night length of 12 hours.
  • - Network with three sockets for 220 V with a load capacity of 400 watts. An inverter is used to convert the current. The output is a stable sinusoidal voltage. Plus, the inverter has two USB inputs for powering mobile devices, with a current of up to 3.1 A.
  • - The light turns on automatically when the gate is raised, which is very convenient, especially during the night.
All elements of the autonomous power supply system are purchased, with the exception of junction boxes, pipes for wires, etc. I provide a list with links to the store:100W solar panel is ready, you can of course assemble yourself, but I bought it - aliexpress Charging controller - aliexpress 12 V battery 100 AH - in the nearest car shop. Klemm for battery - aliexpress Inverter 400 W - aliexpress Reed switch with magnet - aliexpress LED ribbon - aliexpress

Solar power plant

Do-it-yourself solar power plant
The solar panel and battery are connected to the controller.The controller controls the charging of the battery, gives the optimum current and does not allow to fully discharge. LED strips and inverters are connected to the controller output. To make the light automatically turn on I used a reed switch. Since LED strips consume a current of about 2 amps, they cannot be switched by a reed switch, you will need to add a relay that will take the entire load on itself. With the circuit, I think, there will be no questions.

A few words about installation

Do-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plant
The entire system is sorted according to the standard. Wires are packed pipes, connectors in junction boxes.
Do-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plant
The photo showshow to fix the reed switch with a movable magnet on the gate itself.
Do-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plantDo-it-yourself solar power plant
LED strips are simply stretched and fastened with special clips. I want to tell you about installing a solar panel separately. In the roof, drill a hole into which a piece of pipe is inserted. To exclude any water leaks, a piece sticks out from the roof from above at a short distance. Seal and coat it with liquid bitumen or tar. We connect the panel, let the wires through this tube. We put the panel horizontally and coat the edges with liquid bitumen. Everything turned out tightly. The roof has a small slope, and the water will slide down from it anyway.
Once again I will say that the system is completely autonomous and does not require maintenance. If it is only necessary to periodically check the battery.

The result after several weeks of operation

The solar power station has proven itself well. It can be made to give, barn, etc. In general, where there is no electricity supply.You can make a power station of any capacity and no longer depend on anyone. Very healthy, depend on no one.

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