We didn’t have enough time to end the catastrophic winter for our hair, just as a new stress called summer awaits them. Wherever you find yourself in this difficult period for your hair - on the shores of saline sea waters or in office rooms with destructive conditioners - they require special attention and enhanced protection. But most of all they should be protected from the active sun. Why and how? Tell and show.

What does a star named Sun do to our hairs

Negative effects of ultraviolet light affects not only the external appeal of hair, but also their internal health:

  • Burning color. Faded hair loses its rich color and becomes dull. This is due to the destruction of the natural protective coating and, as a result, loss of coloring pigment;
  • A-type sun rays (UVA-rays) dehydrate and overdry hair, turning even the most luxurious hair into dry “hay”;
  • Under the influence of the sunthe structureof hair collapses: it becomes porous and loose, splits and breaks at the tips;
  • From prolonged exposure to intense sun burns the scalp. Such a sunburn can causeenhancedhair loss
  • Do not forget aboutskin in the parting area, which also tends to burn and, as a result, begins to peel off.

Risk Zone: Summer Hair Care

So, such catastrophic risks require special care. Do not worry: the formula “special = burdensome, complex and expensive” does not work here. Enough familiar tools and proper care. To get started, let's get acquainted with the medal's face: the rules of care.

KRASIVAcosmeticsguarding the beauty of hair

“Rules by rules. But what about special protective equipment? ”- you will be surprised. And here we will reveal the secret of the reverse side of the medal: the usual shampoo and balm are enough, but with an important nuance - UVA / B-filters, provitamins and natural oils in the composition. With such components, the usual shampoo-balsam moisturizing and nourishing complex turns into a sunscreen.

And the funds with such a composition in the Russian market already exist! The brand KRASIVA cosmetics, which appeared only a year ago, offers a series of care products that will be the perfect salvation from the withering effects of the sun:

Giving life-giving moisture: a revolution in hair moisture fromKRASIVA

But we left the highlight of the innovation series “for dessert”! The problem of the bright sun is not only a violation of the structure of the hair and the loss of a rich color, but also an unprecedented drying of the scalp and hair. Moisten, moisturize and moisturize again - the golden covenant of summer care. KRASIVA cosmetics copes with this task by 5 plus thanks to the innovative Spherulite technology on the Russian market:

  • First, the idea of ​​delivering a natural hyaluronic acid sponge into the deep layers of the skin is unique in itself. Developed and patented in collaboration with the Liberty factory and the Solience institute in France, this directional “transport” system provides the scalp with a long-lasting moisturizing effect and prevents its drying out;
  • Secondly, this technology is used for the first time in the Russian market not only in care products, but also in detergents, in particular, in shampoos;
  • And, thirdly, spherulites act not only on the scalp, but also on the hair itself. Having acquired a negative charge after washing, the hair literally attracts positively charged spherulites to the microcapsules. Having firmly adhered to the hair, the spherulites “unfold” in layers, gradually, which provides long-lasting hydration until the next shampooing.

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On the way to the long-awaited sun, take care of the health and beauty of your hair in advance. Take the habit of proper hair care in the summer, so that until the autumn you will not indulge in all serious for their treatment. Remember that only you and a little we can help your hair: your daily efforts + our KRASIVA cosmetics = guarantee of bright hair and sunny mood.

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