Sore throat: causes and treatment

Angina is an acute infectious disease characterized by hyperemia of the tonsils.

It is possible to get a sore throat only after an infectious agent has entered the body. The latter can enter the body both outside and inside. The first case is well illustrated by people who are carriers of the infection. Bacteria that "fly out" when sneezing or coughing a sick person can cause an infection of another person who is in close contact with the patient.

There are factors that can trigger the disease. This is a decrease in immunity, smoking, frequent use of alcoholic beverages, and also a high degree of air pollution.

The main symptom by which the doctor can recognize a sore throat is a sore throat. It occurs a little later. First, the patient complains of chills. This symptom is replaced by fever up to 38 - 39 degrees. Symptoms such as fever, runny nose and cough, an increase in the size of the lymph nodes may be characteristic of many diseases.That is why self-medication should not be. If you have a sore throat, you should call the doctor at home so that a qualified specialist can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

No special treatment for angina is required. The main drugs are broad-spectrum antibiotics. The most important thing - to comply with bed rest, drink plenty of fluids. It should be eaten that does not injure the inflamed tonsils. This may be broths, mashed potatoes and similar food.

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