Sovushki pendant (embroidery)

Sovushki pendant (embroidery)- a pendant with hearts and owls, they are suitable for small children, and will also be guaranteed to cheer you up.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. 10x15 cm white fabric detail for each design;
  3. fabric with a pattern for the backdrop;
  4. felt;
  5. padding;
  6. thin white cord;
  7. thick pink cord or braid;
  8. two wooden pins, about 30 cm each.


Step 1

Make an owl stitched at the top of the cord for hanging. To make hearts and crescents, put a cord between two layers of felt and sew them with a basting stitch.

Cut out eyes and beak from felt. Sew each eye with a back needle stitch. Sew the beak with a notch that passes through the center of the part from the felt.

Paint two wooden pins with white paint. Fix them with a cross, connecting in the center with a small stud.Tie a thick cord or braid to the pins for hanging.

Tie the cords to each of the ends of the pins. The suspension will look more interesting if the cords are of different lengths. Finally, tie a little owl in the middle.

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