Spice Jars

If your spices are stored in open bags in which you bought them, then be prepared for the fact that the flavors will first mix and then evaporate. It is better to save any spices in opaque, tightly closed containers. In order not to spend money on the purchase of special sets, you can make jars for storing spices with your own hands. Today you will learn how to convert glass containers from baby food into beautiful containers for seasoning and spices.

For work you need to collect:

  • 4 jars from under the children's 80 grams of food;
  • acrylic primer;
  • brush;
  • decoupage napkin;
  • PVA glue;
  • egg shell;
  • glossy varnish;
  • scissors; li>
  • a piece of foam
  • green and yellow gouache.

Making jars for spices

Prepare jars : wash, remove label, dry. It is best to take the smallest, the volume of which does not exceed 100 g.
Jars for spices To create an invoice on the surface, glue pieces of egg shell around each jar.It is securely fixed to the glass with PVA glue. Jars for spices This is how the containers look after the glue has dried.
Spice jars
Spice Jars Now they need to be covered with acrylic primer. The first layer is applied with a brush.Spice Jars And all subsequent layers are preferably applied to the surface with a piece of foam rubber. So the soil will lie evenly. The next photo shows jars completely covered with white acrylic primer.

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