Spring Embroidered Plate

Plate with embroidery Spring- embroider the door plate with the inscription "Gone to the beach" and hang it, for example, on the office door to make your colleagues smile and remind you of summer.  

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white canvas 30x40cm;
  3. white backing 13x25,5cm;
  4. batting;
  5. metal chain of 45cm;
  6. white paint.


Step 1

Cut the white backing to 13x25.5 cm. Cut two pieces of the same size from white batting and attach them to double-sided tape.

Stretch the embroidered design onto a batting-covered backing and secure with double-sided tape on the back. Carefully bend the canvas in the corners. Secure the raw edges of the fabric with masking tape on the back.

Paint the metal chain with white paint and let it dry. Do not worry if the paint is unevenly placed on the chain - this will give your panel a charm of antiquity. Attach the chain to the back of the plate with a few stitches.

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