Standard roses: planting and care

Many gardeners, gardeners, once seeing a beautiful rose blooming on a shtambe, lose peace and sleep, and all their thoughts are formulated into one single desire - I want a standard rose.

What does it win the hearts with, and what makes some summer residents abandon their desire to grow a standard rose?

Luxury Blossom Standard Rose

An unusual standard rose tree is not a bush. It is interesting, cost-effective, compact, decorative.
Stem roses bloom profusely and long; their flowers are high - it is convenient to admire their beauty and enjoy the aroma.
Grafted onto the cold-resistant rosehips, they hibernate well.
Located high above the ground, the crown of the rose is well ventilated and, without falling into the surface wet air layer, becomes more resistant to such diseases as powdery mildew, black spot, and rust.
A rosehip stem with a powerful root system provides good nutrition for the rose, which affects its luxurious flowering.

How to grow shtamb

From the ripe (orange-red) rose hips extract the seeds. In late September - early October, they are stratified in the sand in a refrigerator, in November - January they are sown in open ground or in boxes, which are placed under snow. Next fall, seedlings are selected for future boles and planted in a specially prepared place. Only in the third year, 1 strong shoot is left, on which in the spring (end of April - beginning of May) 2 eyes are grafted from different sides (you can graft a red and white rose on one stem).

A healthy stem with an already grafted rose in spring

The process of growing can be “lowered” if you buy a finished shtamb in the nursery. The best rootstock are rose hips or dog roses (Rosa canina ‘Schmidts Ideal’, ‘Pfanders’) with a strong root system, straight trunk, without thorns, hardy, disease resistant, with a good survival rate with graft.

After a successful vaccination and with the beginning of the growth of shoots, the stems are tied to a peg. In the future, to ensure that the support reaches the level of the crown. Otherwise, the shtamb will slope to the ground under its weight, especially after the rains.

Planting a standard rose

We land in May, when the weather is warm and the soil warms up to + 10 ° С.
Root neck is not deep, it does not make sense.
Immediately set the peg (height flush with the place of grafting or 2 cm below it), retreating from the trunk 10-15 cm.
We tie the rubble in 2-3 places with a soft twine in the manner of the "eight".
Before spring planting in central Russia and to the north (autumn planting is preferred in the southern regions), graft the stem rose carefully and inspect, if necessary, sanitary pruning, removing dead dry shoots.

Caring for a standard rose

Deleting of sprouts

During the growing season, the shoots are removed at the base of the trunk and on the stem.


It is in the formation and maintenance of the crown of a stem rose in the form of a bowl.

At the same time, one-year growth is cut by ½ (the cut is made above the kidney facing the center), the rest is shortened by 3-5 buds. All sections are treated with a special disinfectant garden paint.

Cutting sections with special paint

During the growth of ground-covering and climbing roses on high boles to obtain weeping forms, we remove vertically growing shoots and shorten the rest, which go beyond the desired contour.

For miniature roses on low stems, we cut off shoots per ½ each year.
Irrigation Regular.

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