Painting stone for the garden "Bunny"

How to decorate your flower garden? This question was probably asked every summer resident - florist. Therefore, a new type of garden decor has appeared - it is a painting of stones. It is very practical, does not require costs and helps to decorate a boring garden. You can paint the stones together with the child and thereby show a fantasy. To complete the painting does not need any artistic experience, just enough a little time and the necessary material. For the painting of a stone we will need: - acrylic paints (black, white, blue, red), - brushes, - flat stone with smooth edges. Step 1. Preliminary work : select a flat stone. Rinse the stone thoroughly with water and clean it from dirt, and dry it. Prepare the workplace. To do this, cover the table with an unnecessary newspaper or oilcloth. Then we start coloring. Gray acrylic paint evenly covered the entire stone. Give dry.
Painting the Stone for the Garden Bunny
Step 2. With the lighter gray paint, mark the head, ear and back leg area.Give dry.
Painting the Stone for the Garden Bunny
Step 3. Blue acrylic paint, paint the eye. Opposite the eye we draw a small pink nose. It is better to use a thin brush for this.
Painting the Stone for the Garden Bunny
Step 4. Make the eye more realistic. To do this, we draw a black pupil in the middle of the eye, and white highlights at the side.
Painting the Stone for the Garden Bunny
Step 5. Next, use white acrylic paint on the marked head area to draw small strokes. It will be a fur. The fewer the strokes, the more realistic the bunny will be.
Painting the Stone for the Garden Bunny
Step 6. Do the same on the marked area of ​​the back leg. Then we paint the body with darker paint. (The arrows indicate the direction of the strokes. The red arrows are white and the blue arrows are dark and gray.)

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