Stretch ceilings without difficulty

Creating even the simplest coverage requires a responsible attitude to this process. It is important not only to know what color of the surface you want to use, but also what features of textures, material and coating options there are. Again, it is worth having an idea about the installation features of such a structure.

Basic types of stretch coatings

The most common will be single-level paintings They are used in small rooms or in case of need for creating a discreet decoration. On these canvases, to give them originality, there may be drawings made using photo printing technology, spotlights or other decorating elements.

No less popular and multi-level options. They can combine several different coatings in color or texture. They are used as a visually separating element in a room with several functional zones.

Carved cloths are in demand today. This new design option looks quite original. Two canvases are used for its creation. One is the background and is located as it were on the first level. A different one is installed on top of it, with small holes arranged in a certain way.

Patterns are often made using carving. These are unique spirals, contours of butterflies, flowers, waves, other animals and birds. If desired, you can come up with your own option or choose from a catalog of existing ones.

There are also seam coverings. They are made by soldering two parts of the coating. Typically, this technology is used to increase the surface. But sometimes in this way create canvases on which several shades are represented.

Installing Tension Fabrics

Stretch ceilings are mounted without any special problems. A heat gun is used to tension film coatings. It warms the room and surface of the cover and makes it softer and more pliable.

Fabric fabrics do not need heating. Usually tension structures are made as follows. Profiles are attached to the walls or ceiling.Then wiring and embedded elements are made under the lighting.

After that, the coating is stretched. At the end of the work, decorative caps are inserted and lamps are mounted.

So, if you decide to install this design in your apartment, then there is no doubt. Stretch ceilings will be the best solution.

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