String art - paintings from nails and threads

String artis a very interesting trend in art that is becoming popular again. With the help of decorative carnations, a hammer and threads you can create incredibly beautiful patterns, inscriptions, drawings and even paintings. It all depends on what colors you will use in your work. Beautifully look monochrome images, a standard and boring connection of two colors - for example, black silhouettes on a white background, and you can create bright compositions using multi-colored threads. Such paintings will become an original decoration of any interior: in the kitchen drawings of gastronomic subjects (dishes, food, a cook) are welcomed, in the hallway one can make the inscription "Welcome" on one of the walls or hang a picture with the image of big shoes, in the children's room there will be cartoon characters (for son - wheelbarrows, for the daughter - Kitty), in the bedroom it is better to place a panel with symbolic images (two dove, heart, all kinds of flowers, lovers couples).Today you will learn how to make a picture in black and white with a picture of the silhouettes of a man and a woman. For work you will need: - a wooden board (any piece of chipboard of the desired shape can be used) ; - black and white kapron thread (small skeins) or threads for embroidery; - decorative carnations (about 220 pieces); - hammer (plus an awl and pliers); - simple pencil and ruler; - image stencil (drawing from the Internet).
 To work you need
Step 1. Decide on the color of the base. If you are satisfied with the natural tone of wood, then the board can be left colorless. If the interior requires a certain color, then it is worth painting the base in the desired shade and varnishing it for greater texture. Step 2. Draw a picture with a pencil. If you draw well, it will not be problematic. But for those who are not strong in art, you need to prepare a stencil in advance (a beautiful illustration from the Internet, printed on a printer). The photo is a silhouette of a woman and a man. Then, using a ruler and a pencil, draw the borders of the picture.That is, make a border around the perimeter.
 Draw an image with a pencil
Step 3. At a distance of about 1 cm along the contour of the image and on the borders of the frame, draw points in which the next step will need to hammer nails. To facilitate your work, it is recommended to make holes for studs with an awl.
 hammer nails
Step 4. It is necessary to drive nails into all holes. To be comfortable, you can hold them with pliers. Try to drive each nail to the same depth. Once you have completed this step, check to see if any of them are crooked. Straighten oblique studs, otherwise they will look ugly on the picture.
 gradually hammer all the nails
Step 5. Tie a white thread to the most extreme nail. At this stage, you need to make the background of the picture. Begin to cling to the thread under the heads of the nails - first weave the opposite, then insert the thread through several nails in a row. Make sure that there are no untied hats left at work.At the very end, make an edging around the perimeter of the work (frame), for this, draw a thread with a snake through all rows of nails.
 tie a white thread
Step 6. Now in Work turns on the black thread. She will braid the internal image (silhouettes). Tie it with a double knot to the extreme stud (the hem of the dress in the photo) and begin to braid hats in a chaotic manner. The thicker you fill the space, the more complete the pictures will look. But do not be too zealous, otherwise the threads will simply merge. Do not forget to also skip the thread around the perimeter of the picture.
 turns on the black thread
Step 7. Evaluate the beauty of your work and place it in the most visible place. Let the picture pleases not only you, but also all your loved ones, as well as guests.
 Evaluate the beauty of your work
 String art painting of nails and thread

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