Summer holidays - is it time to relax or time for self-development?

Part of the dayWhat can be doneHelpful Tips
Morning After waking up, you should not lie in bed for a long time, it is better to get up right away, do exercises or go for a run. If charging and jogging is not fun, go to the balcony or stand in front of an open window to get some fresh air.
For an active day, be sure to have breakfast. You can eat everything you love, what you are used to. But nutritionists recommend traditional porridge or muesli.
With a positive attitude, go about your interests. With a fresh mind do everything related to school or work.
After a mental load, you can walk or spend time shopping. Even on a rainy day, do not sit at home. The umbrella and cloak will be protected from dampness.
Noon It is time for a lunch break, and then you can read or do housework. In the summer you can enjoy yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits.
After lunch This time is dedicated to meeting with friends. You can talk, walk, go to the river and swim. By evening, even on the hottest day, the temperature drops. Walking and working in the fresh air will not be as tedious as during the day.
Early evening It's time to pay attention to other family members. After that, it is better to go to bed. To wake up in a great mood every day, doctors recommend going to bed at the same time, preferably up to 22 hours, and sleep at least 8 hours.

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