Sunset Embroidery Panel

A panel with embroidery Sunset Child- bright flamingos will surely become a wonderful decoration of your interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. light blue canvas 50x60cm;
  3. fabric for the backdrop of a light blue color 30x44cm;
  4. wooden pin 30cm;
  5. 75cm turquoise;
  6. braid with pompoms 26cm.


Step 1

Cut the canvas with embroidery at the bottom and sides, retreating from the border of the embroidered design 1.5 cm. Leave about 8 cm above the top border. Cut a part of the same size from a pale blue fabric for the backdrop. Fold the parts face-to-face, stitch the bottom edge and side edges with the machine, inserting the band with the pom-poms along the bottom edge, leave the top edge unstitched.

Turn the panel to the front, wrap the upper edges and secure them, tying on the typewriter. Fold the upper edge of the fabric without embroidery on the wrong side so that a channel for the pin is formed. Secure with a sweep stitch.Insert the pin into the channel and tie the cord to both ends of the pin. The panel is ready!

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