Sweet box-heart

In order to make an interesting craftwork - a box-box in the form of a heart for Valentine's Day, you will not need special skills, but only your desire and time. So, what we need:
  • paper for quilling,
  • plain white paper,
  • plain paper,
  • colored paper,
  • satin fabric,
  • foam rubber,
  • PVA glue,
  • adhesive tape,
  • stapler,
  • scissors,
  • content to fill.
Initially , we are determined with the dimensions of the future product. In order for your product to be perfect in size, create an initial heart pattern from which all calculations will come. You can either draw yourself, or find on the Internet. We cut out two copies of ordinary cardboard, one standard, the other 0.5 cm more, one of plain paper and one of colored cardboard. Normal cardboard will act as the box itself, the rest of the templates - for decoration. Then, it is necessary to cut a strip out of cardboard, with such a width as the height of the side, and add another 2-3 cm to this size.The length of the strip will be equal to the circumference of the heart pattern. Fold the edge in width left 2-3 cm, even strip along the entire length, and make incisions every centimeter. Starting from the middle of the heart - a template made of cardboard, we attach our strip, and gently fix it with tape. If you lean heavily on one another, you can cut the corners of the stripes. And you will get something like this.
 sweet heart box
Now take the second heart blank, which is 0.5 cm larger, and do the same . We should have a box that closes tightly. Now proceed to the design. We take paper for quilling, devices for quilling, or a cut toothpick, a blank heart pattern made from plain paper, and PVA glue. We make all kinds of curlicues out of quilling paper.
 sweet heart box
Gently paste them onto our template. For gluing - just soak a curl, in PVA glue, but not completely, but only the lower part. You will have a finished top of the cover. sweet heart box
When the glue dries out a little, take a quilling panel and glue it neatly onto the cardboard cover.

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