Graphic T-shirt

Currently, T-shirts and T-shirts with various patterns and prints are very popular. Among all this variety, you can choose something to your taste. However, not many people think that an original T-shirt can be made independently with minimal effort and financial costs. What will be needed to create this new wardrobe item? 1. T-shirt. It is best to take a cotton product, because it is on such a fabric that the pattern is clearer and more vivid and lasts longer than on other matter. 2. Permanent marker. These markers are easy to draw on the fabric (as well as on any other surface). They do not wash off with water and dry very quickly. Moreover, one marker can be used for a very long time. One minus - a strong smell. Therefore, when using the marker, it is necessary to ventilate the room. Permanent marker can be purchased at any stationery or hardware store. The choice of colors there is great, and the price is low (within 130r.). To draw on a t-shirt, you need to choose a contrasting color to it. In this case, we have a gold-colored marker for a black T-shirt.
Permanent marker and knife
3. Pattern picture. With the help of it, the paint on the T-shirt will be applied. There are a large number of templates on the Internet, so everyone can choose a drawing to his own taste. In this embodiment, we have a palm pattern with a heart. 4. Scissors and clerical knife. These tools are needed for cutting parts. 5. Carton. A small sheet of cardboard or an unnecessary cardboard cover from the box will be useful so that when printed, it does not print on the other side of the T-shirt. 6. Scotch. With it, we will fasten the pattern on the fabric.
The process of creating a pattern on a T-shirt. First, we need a template pattern. With the help of scissors we begin to cut out the white details.
 cut out
When cutting out small parts, it is better to use a stationery knife.
Afteras we cut out all the details according to the pattern, the following picture should turn out:
 cut out
Next you need to push the carton into a T-shirt. To do this, you must first determine which place is best to put the picture, and only then put the cardboard.
we enclose
After the carton is in the right place, put a template on it and fasten it with tape. It is necessary to make sure that the fabric under the pattern does not bristle, otherwise the design may be distorted. In addition, it will be very inconvenient in the process of painting constantly correct the fabric. You need to stick the tape as tightly as possible so that the template does not move out.
 glue with adhesive tape
After all the done actions, we begin to paint over the empty spaces in the template. It is more convenient to start painting on the left side (the opposite side of the working hand), so as not to stain your hand and smear the drawing.
paint over marker
Paint over the remainingdrawing.
paint over the marker
After that you need to remove the scotch and the template and paint the copiously drawn drawing.
 T-shirt with a picture
Our unique and original T-shirt is ready!
 T-shirt with a picture of our own hands

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