Technique and patterns of knitting Irish lace for beginners

An interesting technique of crochet can be considered Irish lace. It is one of the most difficult to execute. The canvas at the same time are openwork elements of small size, which can be smooth or voluminous, different in color gamut. You will learn more about this technique and its motifs in the instructions below.

What is Irish knitting

The term hides one of the crochet styles - the manufacture of individual elements. They are represented by flowers, insects, rosettes, buds, fruits and petals. These elements are then joined to form a solid web. The drawing turns out to be simply fascinating, but the fragments have a very complex shape, which is why Irish lace is considered difficult to perform. Appeared such art in the 19th century. Then it was considered a luxury at once in several corners of the planet - such as European capitals (Paris, Rome, London) and even the USA.

In the modern world of fashion, Irish crochet has not lost its position, only gaining popularity. It is used to make solid wardrobe items, such as jackets, skirts, blouses, or pelerin. Additionally, Irish motifs are used to make out individual pieces of clothing, such as a collar, bodice, or cuffs. Even with high labor intensity, this technique remains in demand and is increasingly used to give the wardrobe unique beauty and sophisticated femininity.

The peculiarity of this type of needlework is freedom of action, which is why it is impossible to master this art completely. Every day, experienced masters offer all new ideas for tying one or another motive. There are only a few general principles, following which one can learn Irish weaving. The result depends on the sense of composition and color, and also on the presence of a good taste by the skilled worker, who appears with experience.

Irish lace knitted sweatshirt

To tie Irish lace for beginners is a little difficult, but with the help of schemes and descriptions to them, it is possible to do such needlework.The work consists in the sequential production of individual motifs and their subsequent combination. For this, a sketch is made, after which the related patterns are then laid out, resulting in a whole canvas.

For each piece of Irish lace the following threads are used in thickness:

thick - for tying it in dense columns of medium yarns;
medium - for tying up the motives themselves;
Thin - to perform a grid that connects all the elements.

The principle of Irish knitting is to tie a thicker thread to a thinner one.

Further, the motifs are combined into one canvas, and more often with the help of an irregular grid, because this method is easier. It is better to start from those places where the distance between the parts is less. The connection consists in making a chain of air loops and attaching it to motifs with crochets. The creation of the patterns themselves is different from the usual crochet lessons, because the process is not just a series of one after the other, but more complex loops.

In addition to the yarn to work requires several hooks, because the threads used are different in thickness.Additionally, a pair of scissors and a needle are also useful if the motifs are sewn together or are joined together with the help of a breed. With the latter, if desired, it is easy to completely replace the grid or tracery of the Irish canvas. In addition, in some descriptions of master classes, you can decorate the background of motifs with a pico pattern that will make the product more original and interesting.

Crochet motifs for Irish lace

To knit Irish crochet lace, you must first learn the technique of execution of individual patterns. There are a great many, but there are several basic motifs that are used more often in the lessons. Among them are the following patterns with the following description:

Leaf with holes. It has a simple scheme that is easily upgraded by increasing or decreasing the number of air loops in the arches. If you additionally also move the attachment points, then you can get very different leaflets in shape. It is possible to knit both with single-colored yarn, and with multi-colored or even sectionally colored.
Flower. These elements in various forms are necessarily present in any performance of Irish lace.They can be flat or embossed, small or large, monophonic or variegated. You can see the vyvyazyvaniya one of them in the photo.
Leaflet. In knitting magazines, these elements are presented in large numbers, and in a variety of forms and forms. It can be simple shamrocks, leaflets with streaks or openwork windows and even maple leaves.
Bunch of grapes. This motif refers to three-dimensional elements. Used for finishing jackets, dresses or even hats.
Cords. They are used more often to combine parts into one composition, although sometimes they act as independent decorative elements for finishing sleeves, necklines, bottoms or fasteners.
Curls. In addition to motifs depicting specific objects, Irish lace uses more abstract patterns. It can be different in size and shape curls or rings that are suitable for the design of any product.

Leaves tied in Irish lace technique

Video tutorials: how to tie elements of Irish lace

If you learn to knit Irish crochet lace, you can create any thing, be it a chic evening dress, a beautiful top, an original jacket, a swimsuit or a simple napkin. It all depends on your desire and imagination.All that is required is to prepare the necessary materials and tools and take advantage of the free lessons, which are presented in large numbers below. You can watch several visual videos to quickly learn the step-by-step process of creating motifs of Irish weaving.

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