Teddy Bear

I present to you the step-by-step process of making a moving toy of paper "Bear". The master class will be useful for primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, young parents who have a small child. She will seem to the child interesting because the toy moves its legs with the help of a thread. Besides, moms and dads can make such toys themselves and introduce their children in a game form with wild and domestic animals. Also, the older guys, following step by step and relying on the photographic material, can make a bear cub and give them to younger friends by their own hands. The following material will be needed for production: - sheets of colored blue paper , red and orange; - white cardboard (1 sheet); - glue PVA or pencil; - scissors; - coil of wire 0.45 mm in diameter; - a simple pencil ; - awl; - stand for making holes with an awl at the attachment points of bear's pieces; - coil of threads; - black thin marker for drawing eyes and but sa bear cub (can be replaced with black paper); - template toys - bear cub: the basis of toys,legs back and front (movement elements), washers in the amount of 12 pcs.
 will need the following material
the basis of the toy
Description of work Step # 1. According to a pre-prepared template for a bear cub, it is necessary to cut out "clothes" from colored paper so that the toy becomes bright. For this, on colored paper, decorate items for bear NCA. From orange paper - bear's nose, blouse (upper torso), from blue - tie and pants (lower torso).
 jewelry for a bear cub
Step No. 2. Now we cut out all the details with scissors.
 cut out all
Step # 3. Use orange pencil to glue orange parts on the bear (nose, blouse).
 Glue with a pencil
Step No. 4. Then glue the blue details in the same way: pants, tie , draw a black marker of the eye and draw around the outline of the nose.
Step # 5.We take an awl and a stand to make holes in the details - the legs of the toy and on the main part of the bear.
 make holes in the details
Step # 6. Take a spool of thread and cut off 4 pieces from it, each up to 20 cm, then fold it in half (for durability). We pass through the top holes in the paws of the bear and tie them in a knot.
Step number 7. To fasten parts we need wire, scissors and awl.

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