Casket from the book

On the eve of such a family holiday as the anniversary of his beloved mom, I faced a serious question about a gift. The fact is that mom does not like expensive and pretentious things. Even a standard bouquet of roses for her is a waste of money. She considers especially valuable things to be done with her own hands, even if it is a banal paper card. Especially for such an event, I decided to make a box for her, which was based on an old, unnecessary book. So, for the manufacture of such a box, I needed: book stationery knife line pencil
for making such a box
At first, carefully separate the first piece of the book from the main mass of pages. As a rule, this is a solid large sheet, which serves as a page and a sheet glued to the crust of the book.
 serves as a page and sheet

You just need to attach it to the crust, it will play its role later.On the bulk of the pages we note with the help of a ruler and a pencil the boundaries of the future walls of the box. I decided to postpone 2 centimeters from each edge.
 we draw
Now we carefully cut out all unnecessary leaves with a clerical knife. Prepare for the fact that this process will take a lot of time, strength and nerves. In my personal account, two corn and three cuts. Particular attention will require corners. They cut the most difficult. It is also worth periodically redrawing the frame on whole pages, because of the thickness of the book, the outlined contours go astray and the walls may become very uneven.
cut out
After the titanic work is completed , proceed to strengthen. For this we need a brush, two white sheets, A4 format and white glue.
 we glue
Approximately in the center, so that identical ends remain, under the pages we place one sheet to the back wall of the book.
give dry
Now we thoroughly coat all the leaves with adhesive.
Best all at once, and fluff inside.The main thing is not to feel sorry for glue.
 we plentifully put on glue
After painting, we cover all the missed pages with another A4 sheet, close the book and remove it under a good press. The best time to dry is overnight, but it can be limited to 3-4 hours. After drying, the glue will become colorless. The top sheet of white paper comes off very easily. We remove it and put it aside if it is not hurt.
 Casket from the book
Now let's do the very first page of our book, which we did not stick. It needs to be cut and glued to a page monolith in this way under tension.
 Casket from the book
This procedure is done so that the lid of our future casket holds steadily on the book, and not hanging out when it was opened. We begin to decorate the outer part. For this, I decided to use the easiest way. Namely, a common sheet of paper for the printer A4 (you can even the same sheet that we put on top of the pages),and crumpled it into a small lump.
 crumpled paper
When I unfolded it, I received this, at first glance, nondescript thing.
Casket from the book
Now we plentifully smear the back of the book's cover with glue, but not on the spine.
Casket from the book
App We draw our rumpled sheet to the plastered cover so that the paper covers and the spine, and there are still allowances at the edges, in a word, the book is in the center of the sheet.
 Casket from the book
As a decor, I decided to make a so-called podium for future decoration. For its manufacture I needed a rhombus from a regular corrugated cardboard. I glued it in the center of the front side of the cover.
 Casket from the book
Now we glue the second part of the cover and glue the second crumpled sheet of paper, similarly to the first,only carefully showing the contour of the podium and the spine.  Casket from the book
 The casket from the book
The edges are similarly turned inside books and paste. It is the turn of the spine. It should also be abundantly smeared with glue and alternately glue the remaining pieces of paper to it. At first it is better to glue the bottom of the sheet, and already on it overlap the top, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the work. Remnants of the rumpled paper on the edges are hidden under the spine of the book and glued.  Casket from the book
glued to the side

And again, back to the inside of the box. The left book sheet is glued to the back cover of the book to hide those fragments that we tucked. Apply glue over all this, or rather along the contour of the cover.
 we will make the clasp
I decided that my casket will have two bandages from satin ribbons. If you support my idea, now is the time to attach the bottom one.We just put it on the center of the cover and press the pages to the glued crust. For decorating the inside of the book, I used the same crumpled paper. With it, I pasted the inside of the box and the edges of the pages from the inside.
 Casket from the book
The most important moment comes. We start painting the future cover. For this, I used acrylic paint, a brush and a piece of foam rubber sponge.
 Casket from the book
With a careful brushstroke we apply paint on the sponge with a brush and, barely touching, we paint over the protrusions paper.
Casket from the book
I painted over the book's back with usual stamping movements.

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