The cleanest countries in the world

The most environmentally friendly countries in Europe

In the first place in a number of indicators characterizing the environmental well-being of the state, is Switzerland. This small country, located in the center of Europe, is famous for the cleanest air, magnificent alpine meadows, and its mountain landscapes are simply amazing. Switzerland is a highly developed country, one of the most prosperous in economic terms. At the same time, it pays great attention to environmental protection.
Sweden is rightfully claiming to be one of the cleanest countries. This northern state occupies most of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The nature of Sweden is very diverse, there are many rivers and lakes, coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests. Its coastline is replete with bizarre narrow bays ("skerries"). With a very large territory, Sweden has a relatively small population - less than 10 million people. Therefore, the environmental load is negligible.And environmental legislation is very strict.Although the industry of Sweden is at a very high level, the ecology of this country is one of the most prosperous in the world.
Also very clean country is a neighbor of Sweden - Norway. Most of it is occupied by rather high mountains, the coastline is carved by fjords - long, narrow and deep bays. Therefore, Norway is often informally called the "land of fjords." It has many turbulent mountain rivers and waterfalls. The nature of Norway is rather severe, but has its own unique charm.
Good ecology in Croatia - a state in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. Its coastline, stretching along the Adriatic Sea, is replete with islands, rocky beaches with the purest clear water and coniferous forests.

The cleanest countries outside of Europe

A country with an exceptionally favorable ecology is New Zealand, an island nation in the southern hemisphere. The beautiful mountain landscapes, meadows, lakes - all this, combined with very strict laws on nature conservation, has earned New Zealand fame.True, the ecology of this country is sometimes threatened by increased volcanic and seismic activity.

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