The effect of e-cigarettes on cravings for smoking

The principle of operation of electronic cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is an inhaler that mimics the process of smoking. The liquid used contains a certain concentration of nicotine. When mixed with air, a relatively small dose of alkaloid gets into the lungs of a person, so cigarettes have a sparing effect.
If a person is used to smoking strong cigarettes, you need to start with the corresponding equivalent. But gradually the concentration of nicotine is advisable to reduce, reaching the total absence of it in a special liquid. Some people immediately switch to a zero dose of nicotine, as the process of smoking itself is important for them. The female part of smokers prefers flavored liquids, choosing according to their taste.

Is the craving for smoking reduced?

Numerous studies by scientists prove that regular use of electronic cigarettes reduces cravings for ordinary cigarettes.Moreover, the body is applied much less damage due to reduced nicotine content.
An important advantage of electronic cigarettes is the absence of smoke with a strong odor, as a result of which people around do not suffer. For this reason, smoking "elektronok" allowed indoors. In addition, there is no yellow plaque on their teeth and fingers, a “smoker's cough” and characteristic dyspnea gradually pass, arterial pressure returns to normal, and headaches disappear.
With a sharp transition to electronic cigarettes, there are adverse effects:
- nausea;
- lethargy;
- rash on the face.Side effects occur due to the fact that no harmful substances are ceased to enter the body, from which dependence has arisen.
Before purchasing an electronic device, it is necessary to detect the presence of allergic reactions to basic substances (propylene glycol or glycerin) and flavors. In this case, this fluid should be discarded and pick up the filler with a different composition.
Of course, the electronic device has opponents. They believe that the reduction of traction does not occur, a person for some period of time is deceiving the body using a “substitute” for a tobacco cigarette.If you want to quit smoking, you must do it right away, without using electronic cigarettes as a transitional link.It should be noted that when smoking "electronic" lost a sense of the norm and time.
It is important to note that the reduction in thrust occurs on a psychological level. If a person is determined to quit smoking, he can do it without using modern substitutes.

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