The secrets of a rich harvest

It is not recommended to plant crucifers (cabbage, radish, radish) on the same plot of land earlier than 2 years. Cabbage is desirable to place after tomatoes, potatoes, onions. Crucifers grow well in the beds, which previously occupied legumes, beets and carrots.
Potatoes should not be planted after tomatoes, as they have similar pests and pathogens. Potatoes grow well after cabbage and various root crops. At the same place potatoes should not be planted for 2-3 years in a row.
Tomatoes should be planted after cauliflower and white cabbage, legumes, pumpkin crops, as well as root vegetables and onions. You can not plant tomatoes after potatoes, as well as for several years at the same place, because the soil in this case becomes acidic.
Eggplants should be planted after cucumber, onions, cabbage, perennial herbs.

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