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Think spiritual nightclubs, Valium and anti-energy drinks

If you’re planning a big Friday night out, forget pumping music and bottles of bubbly – the latest nightlife trend will have you reaching for the pillows.

According to The Times‘ Ruby Warringon, one of the coolestpartiesto come out of Ibiza this summer was theBarefoot Doctor’s Dub Spiritnight, where partygoers lounged onpillowsin the outdoor chillout at the luxurious Atzaro spa.

‘People feel spaced out,relaxed, light-headed and light-hearted,’ says Barefoot of the 80-minute session. Some might then indulge in a couple of drinks, and the event turns into ‘a nice, chilled, dancey, party-type thing’. Warrington defines this concept as ‘slow partying‘.

These days, she says, it’s more about sitting down, sipping an artisan cocktail and even, in the case of London’s It-girls, with whom the tranquilliserValiumis gaining a reputation as the drug of choice, popping a proverbial chill pill.

The journalist Carl Honoré, who first published his manifesto,In Praise of Slowness,five years ago says: ‘People are definitely partying more slowly now. During the boom, people would cram as many things into their nights out as possible, so that it all became a blur, and then wake up with a hangover, not remembering anything. When boom came to bust, it was like the lights going on in a club at the end of the night. We looked around and it wasn’t a pretty sight.’

Stateside, meanwhile, a new category ofanti-energy drinksis poised to take the wind from beneath Red Bull’s wings. Blue Cow, Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda and Purple Stuff (a slang reference to an illicit mix of codeine with soft drinks) are all being marketed as ‘ways tounwindfrom the grind’. Containing ingredients such as the sleep hormone melatonin and kava root, these are, according to the manufacturer of another drink called iChill, ‘the yin to the yang of the energy category’.

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