This is exactly how lovers behave when they think that nobody sees them.

In moments of intimacy and in simple daily affairs ... Love is hiding in trifles. She shows herself in a tired embrace after a long day at work, watching TV together on the couch and even when you need to squeeze out your beloved creepy pimple!

A back massage makes it better every day.

The artist notices such moments, inspired by the relationship with her young man and watching her loved ones. Amanda shares her illustrations on her Instagram page.

This picture Amanda dedicated to her friend, who recently became a mother.

All Amanda's friends are used to sharing stories from her life with her. She makes sketches on topics received from relatives and sends them to her followers.

"I charge every night I spend with the love of my life."

With her boyfriend, Joey Rudman, Amanda has been dating for 2 years already. The girl considers him the sweetest, funniest and most beautiful man in the world. It was their love that inspired the girl to create such witty drawings.

Maybe this photo of Amanda and Joey will be the inspiration for the new illustration?

The work of Amanda was influenced by such artists as Amadeo Modigliani, Alice Neal and Pablo Picasso. In addition, the girl loves the animators who created the animated films of the 90s, on which she grew up. She loves the Tim Burton cartoons, and such animated series as “Oh, these kids” and “The Wild Thornberry”. Amanda often depicts animals in her paintings, because she considers them practically family members. But people, according to her, are more interesting to watch.

According to Amanda, there is nothing more fascinating than the behavior of a person who thinks that no one is watching him. It is behind closed doors that people behave in the way that they would never have decided to take photos or video cameras under the gun. That is why she draws ...

Favorite should be close in the most sensitive situations.

Amanda wants to return her subscribers in those moments that they once had to go through. It seems to her that, thanks to her drawings, people will begin to accept themselves and feel real happiness.

When the bedroom doors are closed ...

In joy and sorrow together.

Even lovers do not always feel the same ...

All the most delicious.

Real affinity.

Family evening.

Two under the stars.

That's what it really means to sleep together.

Well, when you can ask your loved one for any help.

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