Thread lamp shade

What can I do on a long winter night? You can lie on the couch with a remote control and seeds or popcorn, watch interesting movies on TV. You can chat with friends and just good acquaintances on the Internet, or read interesting and informative articles there, or you can spend this free time with benefit for yourself and your children, if you include them in this activity. What is its essence? It is not a secret for anyone that a thing made with own hands looks differently and is valued somehow. An interesting addition to the design of your apartment can serve as a beautiful lampshade made of yarn, made by hand. The original, modern and unique in essence lampshade will make your home even more comfortable and unique. Threads for work, you can choose any color, depending on the color of the whole room and taste. Most of all such a lamp shade is suitable for a hallway. For work we will need:
  • Threads (in this case white and red)
  • Big Gypsy Needle
  • Balloon (round shape)
  • Plastic Cup
  • Scissors
  • Wire withpatron
  • PVA glue
 Materials for the lampshade
First you need to properly prepare the plastic cup . To this end, the side walls of the glass are pierced with a needle and thread, and a thread is passed through it.
 the side walls of the glass are punctured
Then PVA glue is poured into the glass. When pulling the thread through the glass, it will be impregnated with glue.
 pour the glue skip the thread
Now inflate the balloon to the required size. A circle should be drawn around the top of the ball with a marker - these are the boundaries of the future opening for attaching the lampshade to the cartridge.
 draw a circle
We start to wind the ball with thread, gradually passing it through the glass with glue. Here you need to ensure that the thread does not go beyond the boundaries of the circle drawn on the ball.
 We start to wind the ball with string
In the same way, we proceed with thread of a different color (in this case red). We choose the number of turns ourselves, at our discretion.However, it should be taken into account that the more threads the thread has, the worse the lampshade will transmit the light from the bulb and the room will be dark.
 we wind the thread of a different color with
After we have finished wrapping the ball with threads, it should be hung up and allowed to dry completely with glue. After drying, untie the ball and slowly release the air, making sure that the resulting frame is not deformed and is not bent inward, because threads can stick to the ball. After blowing all the air, we take the ball out of the hole for the cartridge.
 hang up and let it dry completely
Now you just have to attach the lampshade to the cartridge with wire and hang the resulting structure on the ceiling.
 Handmade lampshade
You can take threads for a lampshade in different colors. The more flowers in it, the more fun it will be. For greater rigor, you can use one of their colors, which is most suitable for your hallway.Glue PVA for this is better to buy in the building store, it is stronger and more reliable than the usual clerical. It is not necessary to buy a new cartridge with a wire. You can use it from an old lamp, which has a broken ceiling, for example. The work will be easier to do together, especially when winding the thread on the ball.

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