Tilda-goat Nastassja

Tilda-goat Nastasia On the eve of the year of the goat, it is not bad to have his symbol in his house so that the year can pass successfully and happily. But at the same time please yourself and loved ones with such a wonderful creation. I will describe in detail the manufacturing process of such a goat Nastasya, and you will easily make your unique thing.
 Tilda goat Nastassja
I give a full-size drawing, specially put next to the ruler, so you can navigate to the size.
 oriented with the sizes
Put the patterns on the fabric, the folded face m to face, better flax. Circle around the contour, fasten with pins before stitching, so as not to displace parts. Sew through and cut off excess edges, leaving no more than 4 mm. Make notches along the edge.
 Put the patterns on the cloth
Make small cuts for further stuffing and turn out all the piecesgoats.
Make small cuts
Tighten the parts with a padding pad with a pencil.

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