Tip 2: Dandruff hair masks with kefir

If you make a mask of brandy, then your hair will be beautiful and strong. People who have very hair fall out, just need to use this mask. But besides masks in cognac, there is always a huge number of fans who just dream to drink it. You can read more about the good properties of cognac in newspapers, magazines, and also search the Internet.
Also, do not forget that brandy is an alcoholic drink that dries the skin very strongly, which is why it is best to use it for people who have oily hair. There is a huge number of recipes that are used for other types of hair. For example, those who have dry hair, in brandy you need to add vegetable oil or fatty kefir. Even those who have dry hair can buy brandy, but with a smaller percentage of the fortress.There are people who do not tolerate the smell of alcohol, then they need to add a few drops of essential oil to cognac. But if you tolerate a little, then after your hair dries the smell disappears.
You need to take a teaspoon and pour a little cognac in there, then pour everything over the head and massage into the skin with massage movements.
Also, you can add egg yolk to the brandy and the recipe is as follows: pour one spoon of brandy, add two yolks, one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Next you need to mix it all up and start massaging into the scalp with massage movements. Then wrap the head in cellophane or put a hat on and leave for forty minutes. After that, the head must be very well washed with shampoo.
You can also add honey to cognac and make the following mask: take one yolk, one tablespoon of brandy and one teaspoon of honey. You also need to make a mask, and then massage it into your head with massage movements, hold for about forty minutes and rinse well with shampoo.

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