Tip 2: How did the team of Costa Rica at the 2014 World Cup football

After the draw sent Costa Rica in the same group with Italy, England and Uruguay, many felt that the Costa Ricans would not play more than three games at the world championship. However, it happened otherwise.

In the first game, Costa Ricans defeated the national team of Uruguay with a score of 3 - 1. This result stunned the football community. True, many thought it was not a pattern, but an accident.

In the second game in the group stage, the Costa Ricans did not allow the Italians on the field. Four-time world champions looked frankly weak and helpless, and the final score of the match (1 - 0 in favor of Costa Rica) made us speak of Costa Ricans as the main opening of the championship. After two victories over Uruguay and England, Costa Rica players already had the best chance of leaving the group of death.

The final match in the quartet D Costa Rica held with England. Now the British could not score anything brilliant Navas.The final score of the meeting 0 - 0 determined Costa Rica in first place in the death group of the World Cup.

In the match 1/8 finals Costa Rica met with Greece. The main and extra time of the match ended in a draw 1 - 1. Moreover, the Greeks had to recoup. It turned out only at the last minutes of the meeting. In the penalty shootout, the players of Costa Rica were luckier. It was this team that went further.

In the quarterfinals, the Costa Ricans did not miss anything in main and extra time from Holland players. The game again ended with a series of penalty kicks, in which the Europeans were luckier.

Costa Rica players left the tournament after the quarter finals. Moreover, it is worth noting that this team has not lost a single match in the main and extra time in the world championship. Such a result is triumphant for Costa Rica. All footballs, coaching staff and staff are now real sports heroes of Costa Rica.

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