Depending on the project, bay windows are placed along the entire height of the building or on one, several floors. In construction practice, there are three types of bay windows - wall, corner interior and exterior bay windows having the shape of a triangle, rectangle, semi-circle, trapezium, or polyhedron.Bay windowcan be built simultaneously with the house, or be attached to the already finished house. In the latter case, you have to start from the foundation. It is recommended to make a strip foundation as more durable and reliable, where corners, pipes, and even chair frames can be used as reinforcement. It is quite natural to erect a bay window from the same material as the walls of the house.
With a brick version of a bay window of a complex configuration, be sure to provide for the manufacture of a special pattern to give the brick the desired shape. To make your masonry more durable, you can use a welded mesh about every five rows of bricks.
Be sure to use the level when installing the jumpers. Since you can not find ready-made ceilings for a bay window of the desired shape, make them yourself using the fill method. To do this, install I-beams, one edge of which is supported on the fresh masonry, and the other on the wall of the house.
After that, make formwork from old boards with plastic film on the inside, and use 3-mm masonry grid with cells of 50x50 mm as reinforcement. After the ceiling has been poured, you need to wait about a week so that the concrete will “grab” and then you can continue laying the bricks.
If your house is two-storied, then the second overlap is not necessary. It is enough to install the truss beam of the future roof. In order to avoid heat loss, flooded floors should be warmed with polystyrene foam.
Glazing bay windows are made in accordance with their purpose. The living rooms in the bay windows are half-glazed. This is due to prevent excessive heat loss.Bay windowGlazed over the whole area, as a rule, are created in summer houses or where the bay window is an elevator shaft.

Tip 2: How to build a cottage

Many modern families just dream of a country house orthe cottagefor housing, where you can spend summer family evenings by the fireplace or meeting friends with barbecue, sunbathe on the furnished courtyard or just sip tea in the shade of a vineyard. In order to build a cottage, of course, it is not enough to have wealth, in addition to this it is also necessary to have free time and a clear idea about the construction of such a structure.
How to build a cottage
Select a cottage project. Approach to this issue should be carefully and carefully, taking into account all the nuances of construction. Here it is important to take into account the square of the house, the internal layout, the number of rooms, the wiring of communications, the construction materials and the degree of engineering capabilities and equipment (lighting, entrances, security system, etc.), the organization of the adjacent territory and much more.
Prepare the necessary building materials that are provided for the project. When preparing materials for the construction of a cottage, you should clearly know what windows and doors will be used for, what the roof will be like, what the foundation will be, etc.Here the main thing is not to take into account your desire, but above all, the nature of the soil at the construction site, the climatic conditions of the area, atmospheric influences, the topography of the site, the wind characteristic, the depth of groundwater, etc.
Place the prepared materials and tools for work on the construction site in such a way that they can be approached without problems and without any effort, if necessary, delivered to the place of construction itself. So, for example, brick, cement, lime, etc. should be placed as close as possible to the cottage under construction in a dry place.
Determine where you will take the water for construction and how it will happen (manually, by pumping water, etc.)
Make a plan of the site and mark on it how and where the sewerage, electricity supply, gas pipeline and other communications will be laid (as needed). All these steps above will help you save time and effort later.
Start building a cottage with a foundation casting. To do this, you need to make a special marking with a rope and pegs, dig a hole of the appropriate size and depth, introduce reinforcing fiber, make a solution of rubble stone, sand, clay, cement, crushed stone and water and pour the foundation itself.It should also be borne in mind that your foundation must have vents.
Start building walls after all the foundation work has been completed. Go to the roof device when the walls are ready. Insert the windows, doors and other elements of the cottage project. Design the facade of the building in accordance with the approved project. Go to the interior decoration of the cottage and the arrangement of the adjacent territory.
  • how to build a cottage in 2018

Tip 3: Design kitchen with a bay window

As a rule, a bay window is a part of a room, of rectangular, circular or multi-faceted shape, which protrudes beyond the boundaries of the plane of the walls with a large number of windows. There are also more complex forms. The presence of the bay window in the kitchen in a carefully thought-out interior makes it very original and cozy.
Design of kitchen with a bay window
Bay window in the design of the kitchen interior.
If in the planning of an apartment or house the bay window fell into the kitchen, then it can be used in several variants, but without making this part of the room central.
1. On the territory of the bay window, you can put a winter garden. Plants will be enough light all year round.
2It is also possible to place the work area. To expand the window sills, making them a tabletop. The process of cooking with a pleasant view in the window.
3. A separate option is possible to create a working area by setting a table for a laptop, accessories for handicrafts, office supplies.
4. Bay window is very suitable for creating an area for dining, as its form often allows you to place a round table with a large number of seats, benches, chairs, a sofa. You can take into account the material of the dining table: the tree will look more comfortable, and the glass will give a lighter modern style.
5. When in the kitchen triangular bay window, its total area is not too large. It makes sense to combine the zones with the help of a tabletop. It will be convenient to construct a bar counter.
The complexity in the design of the kitchen with a bay window is the equipment of several zones at once: dining room, kitchen and recreation. This will be easier if the planned area is large. But in any case it is important to use the place as rationally as possible, not to close the daylight from the window with a curtain. In this case, bookshelves, shelves, bar counters and similar designs can help.Also, zone separation can be achieved by installing a multi-level ceiling and lighting. Separately, attention should be paid to the floor covering - it should be solid. It is desirable to mount all structures from light, inconspicuous materials.
Kitchen interior with bay window.
The complexity of this design lies in the proper selection of curtains and not overloaded conditions. In this regard, given the different styles of interior, it is possible to use all sorts of blinds and Roman blinds. For a triangular bay window, one curtain will fit, covering all windows. For narrow windows in the construction of the bay window will fit individual curtains.

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