It is worth noting that there is no need to specifically remove the perm, it will eventually come off by itself. Just shear on the sly damaged, take care of them, restore. For this, various hair masks are perfect (they are available in pharmacies and stores, although you can also prepare them yourself). Here is a simple, but very effective hair mask recipe: mix a spoon of castor and burdock oil, add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice. Is done. Apply it every day, it will still be better if the hair will receive nutrients regularly.
Combine masks with decoctions of herbs (for example, from chamomile, calendula, hop cones or nettle). It is useful to wash damaged hair with kefir, yogurt, whey, beer. These products can moisturize and nourish hair.
Well helps to avoid fragility and hair loss, as well as dandruff mask based on egg yolk.Take one yolk, whisk it, and then add a spoonful of castor oil. Rub the mixture in your hair and leave for a couple of hours (before that, put on a hat or wrap your head with a towel). After the specified time, rinse with soap or shampoo.
An effective mask that can give your hair the former shine and strength is a mask made from rye bread. For its preparation you will need 150 grams of rye bread and some water. Pour the bread with boiling water, crush it, and then rub the mixture into the hair roots. Wash it off after 5 or 10 minutes. To consolidate the result, a decoction of birch leaves will be the best possible.
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Tip 2: How to do a perm eyelashes

Unfortunately, not all women can boast of long and thick eyelashes. One way to correct this flaw is perm. Despite the fact that there are kits for carrying out the procedure at home, it is recommended to trust it only to professionals. With the inept use of chemicals may damage the mucous membrane of the eyes and the appearance of allergic reactions.
How to do perm eyelashes
You will need
  • - eye makeup remover;
  • - tonic for the area around the eyes;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - paper napkin;
  • - curlers for eyelashes;
  • - special glue;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - modeling cream;
  • - Vaseline;
  • - neutralizer;
  • - distilled water
Apply a special milk to remove makeup on a cotton pad. Carefully clean the skin of the eyelids. Remove residuals using an oil-free tonic. Pat your skin thoroughly with a soft paper towel.
Choose suitable hair curlers - their size depends on the length of the eyelashes. Carefully remove the curlers from the bag, trying to touch their surface with your fingers as little as possible. Bend a little, giving them a U-shape.
Apply glue to the eyelid along the lash line and let it dry for 30 seconds.
Put the curlers on the upper eyelid, placing them at the base of the eyelashes. Make sure they fit well. Apply glue and leave for 30 seconds.
Take a wooden stick and gently twirl each eyelash on the curlers, starting from its root. Make sure that all eyelashes are tightly fixed on the roller and not glued together.
Take a cotton pad and moisten it lightly.Liberally lubricate the eyelashes of the lower eyelid with petroleum jelly and place a folded cotton pad on them. This protects the eyes from the effects of modeling cream.
Slightly lift the upper eyelid and make sure that the lower eyelashes are not stuck.
Apply the modeling cream on the curlers with a cotton swab. If curlers for long eyelashes are used too thin curlers, then apply the composition only to the roots. Leave the cream for 12-15 minutes. If the eyelashes were recently painted, the duration of the modeling composition should be reduced.
Remove the rest of the modeling cream with a dry cotton swab. Carefully apply the neutralizer and leave for 10 minutes.
Soak a clean cotton swab in distilled water and remove any residue from the neutralizer. To remove the curlers, lightly push them down.
Remove residues and glue with a moistened cotton pad. Such a perm will last 4-8 weeks.
If a reddening or burning sensation appears during a perm, the procedure should be immediately interrupted and the remnants of the compound should be carefully removed.
Chemical perm eyelashes recommended to do no more than 2 times a year.
Helpful advice
Before using the compositions for perming eyelashes, you need to test them. Apply a little on the skin behind the ear and leave for a day. In the case of allergic reactions to use this composition should not be.
  • Eyelash perm - advantages and disadvantages in 2018

Tip 3: General recommendations for chemical perm

Most modern women, whom nature has not rewarded with curls, do perm. It can be different and fits absolutely any type of person. Curls give a woman more femininity and softness. Sometimes it helps to hide the flaws on the face. For narrow-faced girls, wave perm is suitable, and for girls with a larger face, an “American” curl. If the ladies have small facial features, then it is better to do without curling.
General recommendations for perm

Recently, there have been many ways of a more gentle curling, for example, “American”. With such a curl curls look natural.

Curls are best done by a specialist. He will pick up all the necessary tools based on your hair type, so as not to harm them.In any case, no matter how good the curling products are, hair changes its structure under the influence of chemistry. After chemistry, the curls become dry, brittle and need a balanced diet and care.

If you have oily hair, then you can do chemistry no more than 3 times a year, and if dry, then even less often. It is not recommended to do chemistry and dye hair at the same time. From this they begin to fall out and split. To save hair, after chemistry, it is worth waiting for weeks 3 - 4 and only then dye it.

If the hair is already fragile and splits, then before you go to the curl, you should bring them into a healthy look. After all, they are so fragile, so why finally finish them off?

First you need to make a haircut and remove all split ends. Then rub a nourishing cream into the scalp and wrap a towel around the head. For best effect, you can wear a warm hat or scarf. After that, rinse your head with warm water and shampoo based on egg white. This procedure should be carried out within a month.

The result of recovery is also greatly influenced by the state of general health and your mood. During this procedure, you must be completely relaxed.If the mood is bad, it is better to postpone the procedure to another day. During the treatment of hair, think about something pleasant.

Choose the hairdresser where you feel comfortable, also choose the master, which will be comfortable. Do not save on your hair. After all, choosing where it is cheaper, you can get on the bad master and bad cosmetics. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this issue correctly.

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