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Popular has become a method of losing weight with the help of the national diet. Its essence is simple: you need to choose for yourself a national kitchen and eat according to its canons. This approach allows you to not limit yourself to a variety of food and taste sensations. Speaking of national cuisine, you should choose the one in which vegetable and low-calorie foods prevail. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to pay attention to the Indian, Chinese and Japanese national cuisine.

Vegetable food in Indian cuisine is most common. The basis of a vegetarian diet is rice, beans, corn and flour obtained from these products. Of dairy products in India, they mostly consume sour milk. Rarely used seafood and fish mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. From the preference is given to tea. All national dishes are very spicy, so some people should refrain from such a diet. In addition, in the Indian diet a lot of low-protein food, long-term use of which has a negative impact on health.

In China, they eat everything. I'm not kidding.There really is everything that goes and grows in food. The Chinese say that there is no bad food, there are bad cooks. The main thing is to skillfully use various seasonings in order to remove unwanted odors and highlight the merits. The ration of Chinese is not rich in calories, because the basis of Chinese cuisine is rice and legumes, seafood and fish. By the way, they eat few fresh vegetables, but the food is prepared quickly and immediately divided into portioned pieces for ease of use, because the Chinese eat with chopsticks. The Chinese diet is the most affordable, as Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous, and food is inexpensive.

If you get acquainted with the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine, you can understand why they are so graceful. The basis of the diet is seafood, rice and soy. Rice replaces the Japanese bread, and soybeans - not only a storehouse of proteins, but also a prophylactic agent for cardiovascular diseases. Of the drinks preferred green tea. When cooking, the Japanese do not use salt, so the Japanese diet is considered to be one of the most effective. This month you can lose 5 kilograms.

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