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Signs of addiction to computer games

Today, almost all adolescents play computer games, and in most cases this is quite a harmless hobby. You can not deprive the child of this pleasure as a preventive measure. But, nevertheless, dependence on computer games, unfortunately - not a myth. You should be alerted if the child regularly spends the game for more than 5-6 hours in a row, become irritable, aggressive and literally does not find a place for himself, or falls into hysterics if it is not possible to continue the game. Especially alarming symptom - if a teenager skips school for the sake of computer games. Also, measures need to be taken if a long pastime at the computer begins to adversely affect the health of the child - vision drops, there is increased fatigue, migraines, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

What is important for parents to know about the reasons for dependence on computer games.

Faced with similar symptoms, first of all do not panic, also do not rush to blame and punish a teenager.

Addiction to computer games is the same disease as addiction to alcohol, drugs. Some bans will not fix anything, and the best means of struggle is prevention. That is, if a wide range of interests has been formed since early childhood, there are various hobbies and hobbies, the child is actively involved in sports - all this allows to reduce the risk of addiction. Indeed, any dependence is a form of flight from the world. And if a teenager is interested, he feels confident in this world, surrounded by understanding people who are close to him, then he has no need to run away to the fictional world. Flight into the fictional world is a signal of psychological trouble.

It is important for you to identify and eliminate the cause - from what the child is running away and what he is looking for in the fictional world. Trying to throw out the excess of aggression, or wants to cope with the hidden resentment, and perhaps compensate for their failures in real life, deftly cracking down on painted monsters?

You can, of course, throw away the computer, but the true cause of psychological problems will not go anywhere, and most likely, the addiction will take another form - a more dangerous one: alcohol, drugs.

Trust the help of a specialist

Addiction is a serious psychological problem, and it is often difficult for parents to deal with it alone. They do not always have the necessary experience and psychological knowledge. Therefore, it is better to turn to the help of a qualified specialist who can identify the root cause of the adolescent's difficulties, and with him and you will help find an effective way to overcome addiction.

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