Tomato Intuition: description of the variety and its cultivation

Tomato Intuition - one of the most common varieties in central Russia. It requires minimal care and at the same time gives a rich harvest.

Tomato variety Intuition and its benefits

The plant has a strong rhizome, and reaches a height of 2 m. The leaves are medium-sized dull green. Inflorescence has 5-6 fruits. Tomato is planted in greenhouses.

tomato intuition
Tomato Intuition is characterized by the same size of fruits.
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Tomato peel is shiny. The weight of the fruit is about 100 g, and its diameter is 7 cm. These tomatoes have a perfectly round shape and bright red color. The consistency of tomato is fleshy and tender. The taste is moderately sweet.

This variety of tomato has the following characteristics:

  • excellent presentation;
  • the possibility of harvesting whole brushes;
  • great taste;
  • the possibility of long storage of tomatoes;
  • greater disease resistance;
  • high yield.

In addition, the variety is considered mid-season and the fruits can be collected from mid-July to September. The disadvantages of tomatoes are much smaller, and they are insignificant.

�How to grow tomatoes Intuition

For growing seedlings suitable mixture of peat, garden soil and wood ash. Seeds are planted before planting and then planted in wooden boxes in late February. Depth of landing is 1 cm. The earth is watered abundantly and covered with a film. 3-5 days after the sprouts appear, the cover is removed.

Provide a temperature of 24−25 � C so that shoots appear as early as possible. To temper the grown seedlings before disembarking, take out the boxes for several hours on the balcony.

It is better to plant tomatoes in the place where zucchini, carrots and cucumbers were previously grown. This will help to avoid many diseases.

When the seedlings have the first 4 true leaves, it dives into separate pots or is planted directly into the greenhouse. The landing is carried out on an overcast day or in the evening. The distance between the seedlings is about 50�60 cm. Since the tomatoes grow very quickly, they are tied up within 10 days after planting. So that the growth of the bush does not affect the harvest, in July or August, nip the plants. In this case, his strength will go not to the growth of new shoots, but to the ripening of fruits.

Basic care is reduced to watering, loosening, weeding and fertilizer.2 weeks after planting fertilize the plants. To do this, in 10 liters of water, mix 0.5 liters of mullein and 20 g of nitrophoska. At 1 bush will need 1 liter of fertilizer. Feed every 2�3 weeks.

To this variety of tomato pleased you with a tasty and rich harvest, provide the plant with regular care.

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