Variety of Tomato Elephant

Tomatoes Elephant pink with proper planting and minimal care allow you to get a rich harvest. This variety has a fair amount of advantages over other tomatoes.

Description of elephant variety tomato

Tomato bushes reach a height of 1.6 m. The stems of the plant are strong and powerful. The leaves are bright green. From one bush 6-8 fruits are gathered. The tomato will receive the name thanks to the impressive sizes. Its average weight is 300 g. Some fruits in the southern areas of growth weigh 800-900 g.

tomatoes elephant
Elephant Tomatoes are perfect for making ketchup
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Form rounded, slightly flattened below. The peel is glossy, dense. Color - dark pink. If the fruit is immature, then on its surface you can see a green round spot. The pulp is fleshy, sugar on a break. Tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption and for obtaining juice and ketchup.

The main advantages of tomato:

  • large size of fruits;
  • high yield;
  • long shelf life;
  • wonderful sweet taste;
  • resistance to most fungi.

In addition, the variety has a medium early ripening.The first harvest appears after 110 days after sowing.

How to grow tomatoes Elephant

Sow on seedlings spend in March. For planting suitable light soil. Process the seeds with a solution of potassium permanganate. Plant them to a depth of 1.5 cm. After planting, moisten the soil abundantly with a spray bottle. Capacity cover with plastic wrap and place in a bright place.

After the appearance of 3-4 true leaves, spend a pick in separate containers. In the greenhouse seedlings planted in May, and in the open ground - in June. A week before planting, take out the seedlings to the open air for hardening.

Tomatoes do not require specific care. They need regular watering, loosening and feeding.

Fertilize the soil with organic and mineral fertilizers before planting. Then focus on mineral supplements with potassium content.

To get large fruits, form one stem of the plant, and stepchildren regularly break off. On 1 square. m plant no more than 3 plants. If you decide to leave 2 stalks, then place no more than 2 bushes in this area. Staple regularly. To do this, on the first two inflorescences leave 3 flowers.These methods allow you to get a rich harvest.

Tomatoes of this variety attract attention with their appearance and unique sweetish taste. Try to grow them on your site to see for yourself.

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