Tonic Foot Bath

Excellent tonic properties has a bath with salt. For cooking, it is desirable to use sea salt: 2 tbsp. l 1 liter of slightly warm water. Wait until it is completely dissolved, and lower your feet into the resulting solution. The duration of the procedure is usually about 15 minutes.
Essential oils of plants such as eucalyptus, mint, spruce and pine, are quite often used to relieve tired feet. In the bath with warm water, add just a few drops of any of the above oils and lower your feet into the solution. Relax and wait 20 minutes.
Contrast baths perfectly relieve fatigue, relieve swelling, and also strengthen the immune system and harden the body. The procedure is as follows: feet should be alternately immersed in hot or in cold water. These baths strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
To return the feet lightness and strength after a hard day, make a tonic bath of mint. Pour 1 tbsp. l dry raw two liters of boiling water.Wait until the infusion has cooled to a comfortable temperature, and add 2 tbsp. l sea ​​salt without preservatives. Dip your feet in the solution and hold for about 15 minutes.
Soothe and relieve fatigue bath with the addition of pine needles and chamomile flowers. Take 2 tbsp. l raw materials and fill with a liter of boiling water. Cool the infusion to room temperature, immerse your feet in it and hold for 20-25 minutes. Instead of chamomile, you can use calendula flowers, Hypericum herb or young nettle.

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