Top 10 cool movies about scientists experiments

Sometimes the results of experiments conducted by scientists are very different from the expected ones and force to radically change the views and opinions. If in real life scientific research is hiding from the broad masses, then in the movies you can see many interesting things, even if they are invented. Find out what pictures about experiments are definitely worth seeing.

We offer you the top of the coolest and most interesting films about the experiments of scientists:

  1. "Chimera". This movie was probably seen by many, and it tells about the incredible experiments of scientists who studied protein synthesis and conducted experiments with DNA crossing. Two young researchers Elsa and Clive, inspired by future success, decide to conduct a study and connect the cells of the animal and man. The result is a strange creature on bird legs with a huge tail and a human body. It looks, at first glance, harmless, but, as it turned out, is endowed with a mass of skills.Chimera, as scientists called it, can fly, bite, stay under water for a long time and breathe in it, as well as change its gender. Finally, irresponsible young scientists who decide on such a desperate experiment realize the seriousness of the situation. But it's too late to fix it ...
  2. "Komatozniki". Five medical students are obsessed with thoughts about what can happen to a person after his death. Young people are ready to take a desperate step and conduct a dangerous experiment: stop the heart for a while in order to achieve a state of clinical death, and then reanimate. One by one, students learn the secrets of the afterlife, and at first it inspires them: they feel the power and understand that they are now different from other people. But the main characters were completely unprepared for the consequences.
  3. "Morgan". This film is also worth watching science fiction fans. The main character, fulfilling her duties, goes to the scene to eliminate the consequences and find out what happened here. She arrives at a secret branch and already in place finds out that everything that happened is the work of a young innocent girl.But it turns out that the very existence of this person is a mystery. And Morgan will bring a lot of trouble ...
  4. "The Effect of Lazarus". The main characters of this film are young scientists who have set themselves a seemingly impossible task - the resurrection of the dead. They create the substance and call it the "serum of Lazarus". The tool was tested on a dead dog, and she came to life. A little later, one of the participants in the experience of Zoe dies tragically, and her colleagues, naturally, decide to resurrect her. The girl comes to life, but, returning to life, begins to behave very strangely and shows his dissatisfaction with the circumstances. Soon it turns out that now Zoya has some superpowers that the girl begins to use for no good reason.
  5. "The skin in which I live". Robert Ledgard is a world-renowned talented plastic surgeon who made a unique discovery and developed artificial human skin. He tells everyone that he is experimenting with mice, but the mysterious girl Vera lives in his house, and only a limited circle of people has access to housing, including the maid Marilya.Once Marilia lets her son into the house, and he rushes into the Faith's room ... From this point on, the audience gradually begins to understand who the experimental person may be. But it is possible to find out the answer only at the end of the film.
  6. "Invisible". The highly successful and advanced scientist Sebastian Kane is obsessed with revealing the secret of invisibility. He managed to develop a formula that makes animals completely invisible. But after all, it is necessary for the experimental to return to a normal form, otherwise the experience will not be considered fully completed. Sebastian still manages to find an antidote that gives visibility, and headlong success pushes him to an ill-considered step: a man injects a serum of invisibility to himself. But later it turns out that the antidote does not affect people, and now Kane’s colleagues will have to figure out how to make the man the same.
  7. "By-effect". Professor and physician Robert Bergman in the laboratory of the university conducts experiments that should help slow down the aging of human tissue cells and give people youth and health. His ambitious and self-assured student, Julia, and her friend Rebecca are assisting the scientist.After some time, these three manage to create a substance that regenerates diseased diseased cells and returns them to a normal healthy state. But the formula needs to be tested on a person, and Erica, a friend of Julia, who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, is offered to take part in this experiment. The guy agrees, because he has nothing to lose. As it turned out, he decided on the experience not in vain: the tumor and metastases disappear, and stable remission is achieved. But no one could have guessed that the medicine invented had unexpected side effects.
  8. "Fly". This film, which has long been released on wide screens, should also be included in the list, because at one time it gathered huge numbers of people in cinemas. The main character Seth Brandl is developing and testing teleportation devices capable of moving objects. Experiments with things are successful, and the scientist goes to living beings. They also manage to teleport, and Seth, who decided to celebrate his success and after drinking a fair amount of alcohol, enters the camera on his own and starts the process. But he neglected the checks and did not notice that with him was a fly inside.As a result, the experiment resulted not in teleportation, but in the transformation of two creatures.
  9. "Experiment". The human psyche is a real mystery, and scientists decided to solve it using a unique experiment. They found 26 volunteers from different walks of life and divided them into two groups: prison guards and prisoners. These people are trapped and are on opposite sides of the grid, and they were all confident that the experience would entertain them and be absolutely safe. But a closed space and lack of contact with the outside world do their own evil deed: the guilty begin to literally go crazy and commit desperate deeds. It turned out that any word can bring to madness and force to go to extreme measures. Scientists want to find out what all this will bring.
  10. "Superiority". Dr. Will Custer is studying artificial intelligence and creating a unique computer that can store and use all the knowledge of humanity. Will conducts controversial experiments, which is why he becomes an enemy of the anti-technology society. Its participants are trying to stop the professor, but he is adamant.As a result, Custer goes so far that now his friend Max and spouse Evelyn must make a decision: whether to continue the experience or stop it.

These were the most incredible films about experiments that will impress fans of science fiction and science.

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