Egg Tray Train

Train from the egg trays
For classes with children it is important to use a variety of material. Children like to see something common in ordinary things, to fantasize. Having at home several models of toy locomotives, the child still seeks to create a toy for himself. And, as a rule, the material chosen for this is not intended. The article deals with paper egg trays from supermarkets. Before working with children, it is desirable to treat them with a soda solution to avoid the possibility of picking up some infection. To do this, soda must be diluted with water, pour into a spray bottle and sprinkle the tray. After drying, you can begin to work.
 materials for the train
You will need:
  • egg tray (2 pcs.);
  • scissors;
  • double-sided tape;
  • stationery buttons (optional).
 Train from egg trays
The body for an engine is cut out from trays,eight wheels and a bumper (its front).
 Train from egg trays
Then every detail is attached to the base with double-sided tape. The wheels can be decorated with office buttons or colored paper circles.
 Train from egg trays
Train from egg trays
Also the wheels must be supplemented with chopsticks. This is done using the same double-sided tape.
 Train from egg trays
Everything else depends on the imagination and patience of the child and the one who helps him . And even if the odd job is not at all like a steam locomotive, the main thing is the creative process itself, which often fascinates children more than the final result.
 Train from egg trays

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