Treasures of the deep sea

Required materials and equipment:
  • frame
  • thick cardboard or fiberboard (thin plywood can be used) as the basis
  • printed color old map (physical or pirate)
  • natural material (shells, stones, sea pebbles, sea sand, shell rock)
  • decorative material (colored glass, beads, chains and etc.)
  • sea-figurines (a box with jewels, a boat, sea inhabitants, seaweed, a barrel, an anchor, an old compass, a steering wheel, a fishing net, etc.)
  • glue ("Titan", "PVA")
  • paint-with rei,
  • nail polish or bitumen
  • glossy varnish spray
  • hairspray
  • zero sand paper
  • bitumen
1. Prepare the frame, if there is a need - paint it with gold paint-spray, age it, rub it with zero sandpaper, apply bitumen in places and smudge it properly. I found a suitable old frame and did not change it.Prepare the substrate: cut out of thick cardboard (or fiberboard) a suitable size sheet, insert into the frame. 2. In the center of the base, glue the card with PVA glue. The card is printed in advance, if there is a desire, it can be aged out, rubbing with zero sandpaper, soaking in a weak solution of coffee and letting it dry. You can slightly podalit edges over the candle. Card, you can choose the old, pirated or physical - according to your desire. The size of the map may be smaller than the frame, because we will decorate the edges around the map.
Prepare frame
3. Next, glue the large figures. I used the following: a keg, a sailboat, a treasure chest, a starfish, algae - something that can be on the seabed. Treasure chest can be prepared in advance, and you can buy a ready chest in the store. If you are not satisfied with the color, then paint the chest with a gold spray paint, I painted a dark golden nail polish. Inside we glue colored pebbles, beads, chains, coins, colored glass, in general, everything that may look like a treasure. We use the glue "Titan".Next, we glue on the base large stones, shells, decorative glass, creating the seabed. Some figures can be glued to the frame.
we paste large figures
 we fall asleep with small pebbles
4. The remaining space is gradually filled with glue "PVA" and we fall asleep with small pebbles, shell rock, sea sand, the color of which should be as natural as possible. Around the map create an uneven edge of sand. Glue should be applied to small areas, so it will be more convenient. Clay "PVA" should be quite thick, so as not to spread. The layer of the poured material (sand) must be thick enough for the maximum amount to stick. After the glue dries, it is necessary to shake unattached particles on the newspaper, and, after sprinkling with hairspray, quickly sprinkle some more sand on the bald areas. Allow to dry, shake off leftovers.
stuck particles
5. After everything is completely dry, and you will be satisfied with the result, the work can be varnished.For this purpose, it is very convenient to use lacquer spray, it is better to choose glossy. Give dry. The picture is ready, you can hang it on the wall.
 Treasures of the sea depths

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