Treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders

Tortured insomnia? Did you forget the last time you had a good sleep? Your body is exhausted and requires a good rest? - Then you should think about how to deal with insomnia.

In this article, we'll look at the main ways to combat sleep disorders, without using special medications.

1. Sleep rate. Each person has his own sleep norm, it is necessary to determine it and, if possible, to observe it. It used to be that each person needs eight hours of sleep per day for a good rest, but this is all very individual. One person for good health, four hours sleep enough, and another 10 hours is not enough to sleep.

2. Fresh air. Everyone knows that walking outdoors is not only pleasant, but also useful, but not everyone knows that it also improves sleep. Try to stay in the fresh air more often and longer than usual. It is best to walk when the sun is still shining.If an unhurried evening walk is simply impossible, for various reasons, then just try to walk home from work or go to the store in the evening. If this does not work, then at least ventilate the apartment more often, so that the rooms always have fresh air.

3. The dark bedroom. You should make sure that the bedroom is dark enough during your sleep. If a lot of light penetrates into the bedroom - it negatively affects the quality of sleep. If the window can not be tightly closed, you can use special sleeping bandages or masks. This will significantly improve sleep itself and rest during it.

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4. Proper pillow. The comfort of a pillow is a very important factor that affects the duration of sleep and its quality. You may get used to it and not even notice that your pillow is not comfortable, but attention should be paid to this. In order to check your pillow, you need to lift it by taking it by the middle, if at the same time the edges start to hang, it means that it is time to replace it.

5. Find out the side effects of drugs.If you are taking any medications, then you should carefully study their side effects, among which may be sleep disorders. If these are available, you should seek medical advice and replace the necessary medications.

6. Get rid of thoughts of various worries and anxieties. The cause of sleepless nights can be disturbing thoughts or worries. In this case, you just need to put everything on paper and try to distract. Also, your plans for the next day are also better written down, so as not to think about them all night and sleep well.

7. Heal the snoring partner. Some people go to sleep painfully long, because they are hindered by the snoring of a partner lying next to each other. Initially, you should cure snoring, and the treatment of insomnia is simply not needed. So it will be better for both, and quiet, healthy sleep will return.

8. Banana or milk. It is very useful before bedtime to drink a cup of warmed milk (preferably also with honey) or to eat a banana. These products contain tryptophan - a substance that promotes good, restful sleep.

9. Refuse caffeine. It is best to completely abandon the use of caffeine (the strongest pathogen and stimulant) in the evening.This applies not only to the actual coffee, but also to all products containing caffeine, for example, black tea, bitter chocolate. In the evening you can drink juice, green or herbal tea.

10. Stop smoking. It should be minimized, and it is better to exclude smoking before bed. Nicotine is a strong stimulant, so its use before going to sleep quite strongly prevents good sleep and restful sleep. For four hours before bedtime, it is advisable not to smoke at all.

11. Sport. Moderate physical exertion, such as body flexes, helps not only to improve overall health, but also has a positive effect on sleep quality. But in order to sleep well and enjoy a good night’s sleep, sports should be practiced no later than three hours before going to bed.

12. Exclude watching TV. You should stop watching TV shows and movies just before bedtime, because it activates the brain and increases concentration.

13. Relax. If your body is tense, then all muscles are in a tonus, and this makes it difficult to fall asleep. We must try to relax as much as possible.For these purposes, you can use meditation, relaxation exercises, take a hot bath, include calm, light music or the sounds of nature, birds singing. Also, it should be borne in mind that after an active, long period of wakefulness, the body needs some time to relax.

14. Remove communications. Before going to sleep, you should turn off the phone and all other means of communication, or just keep them away, because they distract, and cause unnecessary anxiety that does not contribute to deep, healthy sleep.

Nocturnal awakenings are not always a sleep disorder. There are only five stages of sleep and after the fifth stage a person can wake up - this is quite normal. Immediately after that, he falls asleep and experiences all 5 stages from the beginning. Not always and not everyone wakes up several times a night, but because of this, there is no need to worry.

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