Tricolor Rose hair ornament

decoration for hair Tricolor rose
Before you start creating this jewelry you need to prepare: Tools. - cigarette lighter.
- tweezers for needlework. - gun for working with hot glue. Material. - thin hair tie. - Satin ribbons of three colors: purple, blue and white, each 5 wide see Creating hair ornaments. 1 Creating petals. From satin ribbons of three selected colors you should cut out squares with sides of 5 cm each. Each color must have a certain amount of detail. Squares of purple shade need 6 pieces, blue 12 pieces, and white 15 pieces. After this you need to prepare the petals. All of them are created by the same method. From the square you need to create a triangle by adding.
 hair ornamentTricolor rose
Next, turn it with a long edge upwards and gently bend the angle on the right side to the center of the part, combining all the cuts. scorch lighters with fire for bonding them together.
 hair decoration Tricolor rose
Then you need to bend the left side in the same way and process it on fire As a result of these actions, you will have a square detail with two fold lines in the middle. This side will be considered the front part.
 hair ornament Tricolor rose

Of the remaining colored squares, you will need to make the same petals.
 hair decoration Tricolor rose
2 Creating a flower. The heart of the flower you will have one of the petals. The central part of the bud will be composed of purple petals. Therefore, you need one such petal to twist gently into a tube and fix it with glue in this form.Next, all the other details of violet color should be glued around the middle.  hair decoration Tricolor rose
Now you need to evenly glue the petals of blue shade around the purple details.  hair decoration Tricolor rose Then you will It is only to fix the details of white color, also distributing them around the circle.  hair ornament Three-color rose Now the flower is ready. 3 Fastening gum. Turn the flower base up, and having determined its center, you need to glue the hair elastic.  hair decoration Three-colored rose Decoration is ready !

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