Tulips in the basket

The brightest and most colorful time has come - summer. This season of the year is always accompanied by berries and abundant blooms of everything blooming and smelling. Bright colors of flowers remain in memory for a long time and warm with warmth. But, spring will come very soon, and beyond it will be winter. At this time of year it is difficult to see flowering plants in nature. To solve this problem, you can use needlework, namely embroidery ribbons. The time of flowering of tulips has pushed me to the idea of ​​creating such a canvas.  Tulips in a basket
To make it I needed the following materials: satin ribbons of various sizes ; hoops; scissors; fabric (I used tulle, but I was very sorry for it in the process); scissors; needle with a wide eyelet.
satin ribbons of various sizes
first step is to stretch the fabric in the embroidery frame. It is important to find the face of tension at which the fabric will not sag, but it will also be possible to push it a little,so as not to break. For the most successful outcome of work, it is best to outline the outline of the future piece of embroidery. I decided to start with the basket.
 fragments of embroidery
The best option for drawing a picture would be a felt-tip pen, washed with water. In blue, we embroider vertical lines.  I decided to start with the basket Now, by interweaving the tapes one after another (weaving baskets) we introduce a ribbon of a different color.
embroider vertical lines
The edges of the basket I processed with a stalk seam, it is very clearly visible in the photo, so I will not describe in detail. processed with stalked seam Getting Started with embroidery buds. To do this, we output a wide ribbon in the right place.
 Start Embroidering the Buds
Step back up and enter the fabric, the left segment will be a petal.
Getting Started with Embroidery Buds
Then, we draw the thread a little lower and hide it above.Having done this procedure from two sides, we will get such a neat bud of the future tulip.  Let's start embroidering buds I decided to make my tulips of different colors . I made one of the purple tulips more blossoming. To do this, after embroidering the main bud, we again display the ribbon at the bottom, we measure the distance needed for the petal and, piercing the needle with the needle, pull the tape down. re-output the tapebud of tulip
bud of tulip
The final stage of embroidery will be landscaping pictures. Where you think it is necessary, you need to make the same stitches as the last petals of the tulips, only with a green ribbon.  Tulips in a basket In the end, I got such a bright basket of spring flowers. I do not even doubt that on cold winter evenings, she will cheer me up and give me warmth.

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