Turkey meatballs

This is a great dish when you need to cook, something substantial in a hurry. The dish does not contain complex ingredients. Introduced this dish in the daily diet with a vegetable salad will help disperse the metabolism. Calorie dishes are low and will not add extra, unnecessary kilograms to the body. Calorie cutlets from turkeys are 150 calories, and these are three small cutlets.  Cutlets from turkey
Cook time: one hour. Complexity of cooking: simply. Constituents:
  • Two turkey fillets;
  • Onion;
  • Half a glass of milk;
  • Spices.

Cooking patties - a recipe

First of all, prepare all the products. Then pour the milk into the blender. Peel the onion and cut it into several pieces. Put everything in a blender and grind. Next, lay in a blender, pre-cut into fillet pieces. Grind until smooth, and then season with spices. We shift everything to the plate.No other ingredients are required to be added.
 Turkey meatballs
 Turkey Meatballs
Heat the pan for roasting meatballs. Pour olive oil into the pan. As soon as the frying pan has heated up, spoon lay out cutlets. Fry until a blush appears on the cutlets. We reduce fire and completely fry them.
 Turkey meatballs
 Turkey meatballs
Repeating the frying procedure on both sides. Cooked meatballs put on a dish and decorate with arugula. Served with any side dish as desired. An excellent dish for cooking, if unexpected guests are expected on the threshold, as it is prepared very quickly and with improvised means. Cutlets are tender and tasty.
 Turkey meatballs

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