Twin stars: one - from nature, others - thanks to makeup. Compare

Exactly: doubles of stars from Voronezh

Voronezh dancer Slava Petrenko as two drops of water is similar to actor Stas Bondarenko
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The mission seemed impossible, but we did it - three make-up under movie stars

Woman`s Day was puzzled by the question of how you can change a woman with makeup? And as the “guinea pig”, I chose the editor of the magazine “Antenna-Voronezh” Larisa Kudayeva. They asked who she would like to be like, and set to experiment. The tastes of Larisa were not simple: “To Anastasia Vertinskaya, Galina Danilova and Olesya Sudzilovskaya,” said an ambitious editor.

Makeup model offered an unrealistic task: to become like three movie actresses

We invited a professional Voronezh makeup artist-stylist Lily An. She, using only cosmetics, turned the editor of the magazine into a star. No photoshop.All that is needed is shadows, pencils, mascaras, lipsticks - what is always in the cosmetic bag.

Make-up under the actress Galina Danilova

Make-up under Galina Danilova
A photo:Lily an

Nose.Larisa looks like Galina. Both girls are dark with expressive eyes, thin lips and a large nose. It can easily be reduced if the length of the nose smeared with a light equalizer, and the tip - dark. A dark foundation should also be applied to the hump of the nose. At the same time it must be well shaded to avoid dirty spots.

Eyes, eyebrows.Danilova has wide eyebrows in the form of a “house”. Directly under the eyebrows impose a shade of matte hue. Apply the shadow of gray tones on the eyes. In this make-up, the shadow is also applied to the lower eyelid. To create arrows use a pencil. The arrows do not connect at the outer edge of the eyes, only along the inner edge of the eyes. It is this trick will make the eyes open, and his eyes more expressive. Paint all eyelashes with mascara.

CheekbonesBlush put on the convex part of the cheekbones to refresh the face.

Lips.For lips, use bright lipstick, but at the same time we make the contour of lips natural.

Make up under the actress Anastasia Vertinskaya

Make-up under Anastasia Vertinskaya
A photo:Lily an

Basis on the face.With Vertinskaya, Larisa has the same eyebrow shape and almond-shaped eye section. But the lips, nose shape, forehead, chin, skin color - all we will create with the help of makeup. The face should be perfectly smooth; for this, use special color correction bases for makeup. Remember the simple rules: in order to hide reddening of the skin (for example, rash, pimples, dilated vessels of the wings of the nose), you need to use a green base; purple or lilac shade basics eliminates unhealthy yellowness of the face; yellow base will help to hide the dark blue circles under the eyes; the pink base will mask the pale skin color.

Nose, cheekbones.The small hump is removed using a dark corrector. Next, light coral blush raises the cheekbones. To do this, draw in the cheeks with a small fish (this makes it easier to identify the natural depressions on the cheeks) and apply blusher. In this case, I also advise you to apply a little blush on the earlobes, neck, upper forehead.

Eyes.For eye makeup, select the shadows of at least three shades. We need to create a playful and crafty look.We start with the inner corners of the eyes, causing the lightest shade (ivory). Next, we move to the outer corner of the eye, gradually putting darker shadows. Also apply a light shade to the area under the eyebrow. Arrows using liquid eyeliner drawonly at the top of the eyes. Eyeliner corners slightly shaded.

Lips.To create plump lips, it is necessary to outline the contour of the lips, slightly going beyond the boundaries. In this case, the pencil should be a little darker than lipstick. Apply a little gloss over the lipstick.

Make up under the actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Makeup under Olesya Sudzilovskaya
A photo:Lily an

Upper face.In this make-up one of the most important is the line of eyebrows, which should be oriented. The lines of eyebrows, blush and lips should be parallel to each other. “Dips” on the face — sharp nasolabial folds, folds in the corners of the lips, circles under the eyes, and so on — are lightened with a light corrector. We paint eyes according to the same scheme as in Vertinskaya. Only in this image we use shadows with sparkles. Arrows apply along the line of growth of eyelashes only half the entire length, and the distance between the two arrows emphasize the white corrector.This technique will visually enlarge the eyes and make them more expressive.

Lips.Also slightly increase with pencil and gloss. Blush applied under the cheekbones. Choose a coral color.

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