Uggs. History Uggs and their varieties

Uggs are comfortable boots made of sheep's fur, which are so comfortable to wear in the cold season.

At first glance, they may seem rude and even ridiculous, but this is their unique appeal: rebellious spirit and impudent, bold identity attract more and more fans all over the world. World stars of cinema, stage and big sports wear them in the intervals between rehearsals, training sessions and in everyday life. Uggs are so popular that it makes sense to get to know them better.

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Uggs: the story of the birth of a legend

Legendary shoes are rooted in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century. It was there that they began to produce short boots and high ugg boots made of sheepskin, which at first were intended only for farmers, pastoralists and other unpretentious provincials. While mods from the highest world wore the finest leather and high heels, ordinary villagers enjoyed comfort in fur coats,which kept the ideal temperature and always kept the feet warm, both in the dank cold and in the 40-degree heat due to the special properties of the sheep wool. Australia's weather is capricious and changeable, so the sheepskin boots became a real salvation: they kept a constant temperature in all conditions and were equally comfortable at any time of the year, even in hot summer.

The Ugrians arrived in America in the mid-20th century as shoes designed for Californian surfers. Coming out of the cold ocean waves, they warmed the stiff legs in these uncomplicated, but incredibly comfortable and warm boots. Soon the ugg boots began to be worn by ordinary people who also appreciated their dignity and opened their hearts to meet this strange shoes. After a few years, the uggs became a symbol of the Californian way of life. In the online store UGI you can buy quality shoes at an adequate price.

In the late 70s, the Uggs penetrated into the world of prestigious alpine skiing and became irreplaceable companions of skiers and snowboarders. After a very short time, even Hollywood movie stars filled their wardrobe with funny Australian shoes, and this period marked the beginning of a real triumph - the uggs craze began in the world.

The dignity of the boots is unique comfort, and let the beauty, elegance and sophistication remain stiff, arrogant upstarts. Uggs do not hide their essence and do not try to prove that they are a new symbol of elegance, they symbolize freedom, comfort and liberation from outdated prejudices. Young, strong-willed people abandon the annoying stereotypes imposed by society, and choose sincere shoes that give them true comfort.

Uggs Varieties

Increased attention and growth in popularity to unimaginable size forced manufacturers to create new models that could most fully satisfy even the sophisticated taste of the most demanding fashionistas. Simple classic boots have become more individual.

Today there are several new varieties of uggs:

  • decorated with fluffy fur of silver fox, Arctic fox or even a wolf;
  • covered with rhinestones, sequins and other shiny tinsel to the joy of glamorous beauties;
  • the color scheme remains muted, but includes not only traditional beige, but also gray, blue, black, pink, green, burgundy and even lilac shades;
  • Along with the usual suede surface, there are models with embossing, varnish and various ornaments
  • children's models are decorated with decorative pendants and elements.

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