Unique Christmas decorations crochet

Before the New Year holidays, a lot of home decorations appear in all stores. And we are lining up to buy new balls or flashlights instead of broken ones. But you can create your own decor. One option is to crochet Christmas tree toys and Christmas compositions. Such toys can become a family heirloom. They will love your children, and then pass on their own.

In the year of the anniversary of the legendary ballet "The Nutcracker", ornaments with mice will be very symbolic. Well, and besides, they can be a symbol of the year once in 13 years.

Not every room can stand a real tree. And this can even be put to families with small children and pets.

A lot of sweet is harmful! Therefore, some of the sweets must be made inedible. And gingerbread men will decorate the room just as well.

In the New Year's holidays, Christmas trees should be everywhere. These can be hung around the room or hang as a toy on a real Christmas tree.

Christmas is a bright holiday.A little white angel will create a wonderful mood and will be a great gift for your loved ones. And you can follow the Western tradition, and use it as the top for the tree.

Very picturesque symbol of winter. On cold evenings, even snowmen need to warm themselves. This one decided not to let the process run on its own, and to tie up everything necessary.

Openwork bell is easiest to knit around the present, using it as a base. Then simply remove the knitted part, narchummalte, and put it on the clay or plastic bell again. Having dried, your jewelry will look very elegant.

Openwork bells are so beautiful that they will look great even without a tree.

You can make jewelry easier, such as openwork snowflakes. But they also do not interfere with starching, so that the jewelry adorns the form.

They say how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Create and decorate your home with your own hands!

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