Unusual Gifts: Design Secrets from Mimigram

Don't know what to give to a friend who has everything? Do you want your gift to be appreciated and remembered? The developers of "Mimigram" offer to create a unique souvenir based on one or more photos from your personal album. In a mobile application, you can choose the right format for a bright retouched picture and turn it into a masterpiece!

For example, a mug with a photo, which is far from the most expensive gift, can be an original souvenir that has no analogues. Believe me, nobody will have exactly the same! In a world where everyone fights for their individuality, this is a great solution for expressing it. Especially since there are not only circles in Mimigram, but many other interesting formats:

  • Photo calendar is a great gift for active people and an indispensable tool in a dynamic life. A stylish product can be hung on the wall in an apartment or office, and it will rivet the attention of others, give a good mood and create comfort.With this calendar, it is impossible to forget about important meetings and scheduled events.
  • to order will make anyone fashionable and happy for a minimum of effort. With this template, you can create unexpected and organic images in the style of casual, which is now at the peak of popularity. T-shirt with an individual print will perfectly fit into the everyday style and will not get lost in the wardrobe after just one season.
  • Photo on magnets is a new approach to inexpensive travel souvenirs and a way to creatively be realized by decorating a refrigerator. If you travel a lot and take pictures, then appreciate the opportunity to transfer good shots to magnets that can be distributed to friends and acquaintances. Such souvenirs will be more valuable, and adding labels will make them even more special.
  • In Mimigram you can - this is a classic version that will never lose its relevance. A mat and a stylish wooden frame will make your masterpiece even more expressive. A framed photo can be put on a table or hung on a wall - this is a unique, versatile and touching souvenir that allows you to remember more often the best moments in our life.

No matter what you need - a unique explosive gift that will cause a storm of positive emotions, or a traditional photo portrait in high-quality performance - “Mimigram” will always be at hand. The application does not take up much space in the phone, and the order is processed in just a few minutes. Your photo gift will come in a beautiful package and will immediately be ready for transmission to the addressee.

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