Unusual recipes for rejuvenation.

Kate Middleton uses an unusual tool to preserve flawless complexion: bee venom.

They are used by Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer.

It is believed that the poison tightens the skin and promotes collagen synthesis, thereby reducing fine wrinkles on the face.

You can also try the effect of bee sting on yourself at home, but don’t rush to the nearest hive.

First, make sure that you are not allergic (bee products can sometimes cause a very unexpected reaction).

And secondly, this "pleasure" will cost you dearly - about $ 130 per pot.

There are creams with additives of bee venom, but they must be used carefully, they can react differently to each person.

A few years ago, Jennifer Lopez announced that there is no better means for facial rejuvenation than a mask from the placenta.

The mask contains sublimated, sterilized powder from the placenta, obtained after childbirth.It is used either the human placenta or the placenta of mammals (pigs, sheep or goats).

Cosmetologists say that products with a placenta are usually used for faster skin recovery after laser rejuvenation or chemical peeling. These masks are rich in proteins and various enzymes.

Simon Cowell (a popular television presenter) says that vitamin Droppers help him to maintain his excellent shape.

The infusions of vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin C give it incredible energy for many months and provide excellent well-being.

Can intravenous vitamins really give more than a normal healthy diet or at least the appropriate supplements? Very controversial!

In addition, the droppers are expensive and take at least 45 minutes, it is not known how the body will react to such a clear "invasion."

Fans of Twilight decided that only the use of blood can give a noticeable anti-aging effect.

Blood is distilled to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. Purified plasma is injected under the skin of a person. Plasmolifting, the so-called this procedure, is done only in stationary conditions and for many years has proved its effectiveness.

Actress and model Jerry Hall is rumored to be a fan of ceramic crystals that are injected into the skin of a face.

These crystals give the face a porcelain doll look.

But the Botox injections also give such an effect, but after a certain time they stop their action, and the crystals give their own set of complications.

Over time, the particles become visible, and there is a risk that the body will reject the crystals as a foreign object. The cost of introducing ceramic crystals ranges from $ 500 to $ 1,800 per session.

Hirudotherapy has long been used to accelerate wound healing after plastic surgery. But now some celebrities say that leeches effectively "rejuvenate" both body and soul.

Demi Moore at one time told about the difficult treatment with leeches, which she transferred to clean the blood. True, she went for it to an unknown place in Austria.

But these are not the most bizarre ways of rejuvenation.

There is an ancient method of Japanese geishas and artists of the Kabuki Theater.

They used nightingale excrement to remove heavy lead whites from the face.In the litter there are enzymes that cleanse the skin cells well. However, again, do not raid the cage with your bird. In the salons for such a cosmetic procedure using sterilized, powdered manure.

The quest for "the elixir of youth" has always existed. And when almost everything is already known about traditional and relatively simple methods of rejuvenation, people begin to look for something unusual. When it comes to your health, it's better to still use proven methods, despite the abundance of money.

Experts say that any procedure can have some effect, but today there are cheaper and easier ways to prolong the youth of the face.

And the last. Perhaps for wealthy people $ 1000 per procedure is not so much money. But do not forget that it is difficult to justify the costs, if the consequences of such "rejuvenation" have not yet been studied.

And if you decide to use one of the original methods of rejuvenation, be sure to be under the supervision of doctors all this time.

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