Valentine's Day Cardboard Heart

Homemade heart - the main symbol of Valentine's Day, passing under the auspices of St. Valentine. The children, too, are happy to make these symbolic souvenirs from materials available to them - paper and cardboard.

Any preschooler and even a toddler from a nursery group can make a heart out of cardboard.

 Heart from cardboard to Day Valentine's width

A heart made of cardboard for Valentine's Day

For this it needs only:

Cut to The outline is drawn from a template or drawn on a cardboard board. Rdechko. It is best to use corrugated cardboard for this purpose, which will give the souvenir a special amount. A preschooler can already quite independently make a template from a notebook or album leaflet and circle it on cardboard. Babies need help in creating this template, and the smallest children are better to draw a heartin advance.

 We cut a heart out of cardboard

We cut a heart out of cardboard

 We paint the hearts

We color the hearts

Paint the blank with a suitable color of watercolor paint, gouache or acrylic. You can make crafts and colored cardboard, but the souvenir painted by the hands of the child looks more touching and interesting.

It remains only to decorate the craft with any means at hand.

Glue the rhinestones

Paste the rhinestones

 Decorating a Heart

Decorating a Heart

To make a heart made of cardboard for Valentine's Day turned out especially on yadnym and holidays, ask your child to use for its decoration, glass stones and rhinestones. Working with these decorations will bring considerable pleasure, and the result will please both the child and the one who will be given a heart on a festive day. It is best of all to glue glass and plastic elements on polymeric glue, as the clerical badly fastens them with paper.Use different shapes, and the craft will be original and incredibly attractive.

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