Heating boilers from the company "VSTERM"

When buying a house or building a cottage, you need to take care of a modern and reliable heating system. But what if there is no possibility to connect to the gas pipeline? Pellet boilers will come to the rescue, and our experts will help you to choose and install them correctly.

The company "VSTerm" sells, installs turnkey and maintenance of heating boilers for pellets company Faci. Pellet boilers operate on environmentally friendly fuel - pellets (compressed pellets from waste wood production). For this reason, they are so popular in many European countries.

Installation of pellet boilers

Pellet boilers are complex equipment, so do not install them yourself. Entrust the installation of equipment to professionals, because the efficient operation of the heating system depends not only on the quality of the equipment, but also on the correctness of the installation.

Before installing the boiler, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work - to make the appropriate calculations, to conduct ventilation and chimney, to prepare the podium. It is not necessary to remind once again that good work of the entire heating system depends on proper ventilation. Only after that the boiler is installed and connected to the heating, water supply and ventilation system. You can see the catalog of pellet boilers and choose the model you are interested in.

Why buy a pellet boiler Faci

1. The ability to independently change the modes of operation.

2. Automatic shutdown of the entire system in case of a temperature increase above a predetermined mark ensures additional safety.

3. Increased fire and explosion safety.

4. The presence of a water circuit that reduces the risk of overheating.

5. High efficiency - 87-97%.

6. Low fuel costs and no maintenance costs.

7. Long service life with proper handling.

8. Minimum quantity of combustion products.

The company "VSTerm" will perform installation work of any complexity, as well as install boilers for pellets in houses, cottages and even in industrial buildings.

You can see the range of pellet boilers on our website. Large selection of equipment will allow you to find a model that is suitable in design and size, and our craftsmen will select related equipment.

Delivery of equipment is possible in any area of ​​Moscow. We provide a guarantee for all types of work carried out by our company and provide all the necessary documents.

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