Ways neat cut chipboard

Choosing a tool

In a large hardware store or in a good workshop you can buy chipboard of the right size, many outlets offer their customers to cut the slab. In this case, you do not have to bother with a lot of wood dust, and the cut, made on a special machine, will turn out beautiful and smooth. If you are still going to cut the slab at home, you will need a carpentry saw. Her teeth should be sharp and small. You will need more duct tape, rasp, plane or file in case the saw turns out to be not perfect.
The details of a very complex shape should not be made of chipboard;

Cut sheet

Mark the lines along which you will cut the slab. Stick on the future cuts plastic transparent adhesive tape. It will allow you to solve two problems: it will somewhat increase the material resistance and collect the wood dust inevitably generated when working with chipboard.On production, special machines are used to work with chipboard, which simultaneously collect dust. When sawing a plate at home, it is better to do without dust. Of course, some amount of it is still formed, but if the tape is wide enough, most of the dust will be collected on it.

How to cut?

Work with chipboard does not require any special skills. It is only necessary to pay attention to some features of the material. Remember that the saw in your hands should not twitch, it goes smoothly, with a slight inclination to the sheet and strictly along the line you have planned. This is important when working with other materials, but especially with chipboard. Starting to cut, do not push the tool too hard. This will not lead to anything good. The pressure should be small and uniform, otherwise chipping and large chipping can not be avoided.
If you are doing this for the first time, practice on any board or a fairly thick piece of plywood. These materials in their structure, of course, are very different from particle board, but it is important for you to work out the movement.

Saw cut

The person who first took up cutting a sheet of chipboard, rarely turns out to be perfectly even, even if allsubtleties. As a rule, a little refinement is required. It is exactly the same as when working with other wood materials. The place of the cut must be cleaned. In the simplest case, even coarse sandpaper will help out, but more often a file or even a small plane is required.

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