Do-it-yourself WD-40

All motorists, and not only, are familiar with the drug with the official name WD 40. People call it “vdshkoy”, and are used as a universal remedy to displace moisture, soften rust and remove corrosion from metal parts. With it, you definitely will not have problems with frozen, stuck or jammed parts and mechanisms. In life, this drug has found widespread use after it became clear that it revives finely rusted and frozen locks. It easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places and the smallest cracks, crevices. And for all its popularity, it is also not cheap. The composition that we are considering today is an experimental version of WD 40. The proposed proportion of chemical elements may change, and is not the final option, since the original composition of the “vdshki” remains a mystery . Based on the well-known components, the author of the video suggests making a mixture that is close in characteristics to a known preparation.
Doing WD 40 with your own hands

Where did the idea come from

All the fault of the considerable price of the original WD 40.A small bottle of 100 ml will cost about 200 rubles, and a large 400 ml bottle will cost up to 400 rubles. Thanks to the aerosol, the consumption of the drug is quite high. For rare home use, such expenses will not burden the budget. Motorists also often have to resort to her help, and for masters from the auto repair shop, where it is consumed in liters, this is quite an impressive load. An indicative composition known due to the American chemical safety passport includes:
  • 50% - solvent (white spirit)
  • 25% - displacer carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide);
  • 15% is mineral oil.
The last 10% are secret ingredients called inert. There is an assumption that it is wax-containing substances. Let's try to repeat a wonderful solution WD (Water Displacement) "displacer" of water. Doing WD 40 with your own hands

Required ingredients

  • White spirit;
  • Purified gasoline;
  • Mineral oil;
  • Paraffin.
For the mixture, you need a plastic container of 0.5 L with a spray from air freshener or for watering flowers. Mineral oil - 1 part by mass. [list] It is most convenient to fill the container by dosing the ingredients with a syringe. Ready solution is thoroughly shaken, and use!
Doing WD 40 with your own hands
Doing WD 40 do it yourself


Before preparing the drug at home, you should not forget that its main components are extremely flammable.Mix the solution, and use it in protective gloves. The original WD 40 can not be extinguished with water. In a homemade mixture, there is also a high content of combustible substances, ignition of which does not affect water. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare and use the solution away from open sources of fire, heating devices and high-power lamps that radiate heat. Ventilation must be ensured in a closed room. Otherwise, such a recipe for cooking "vdshki" is quite acceptable and economical. One liter of solution costs about 100 rubles, not counting the cost of oil, which is easy to get, and paraffin waste (candles). A bottle of spray probably there in any household. Shopping option in such a volume will cost 1200-1500 rubles. There is something to compare and what to strive for!

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